AAVAS Inner Circle Membership – Invitation Only

$297.00 / year


Simple, Straightforward Resource & Support
The program itself is quite simple. It consists of:
1 monthly conference call with me that will include all students currently enrolled in the Level one and Level two programs, as well as all students who will be registered for the inner circle.
A members only forum, where you can stay in touch with each other, converse and ask questions of each other, share projects, ask questions, network.. etc.

This will be a yearly subscription, and the price is $297.00 for the year. That is less that 25.00/month,.. for a monthly call and the recording of the call and the forum.

A Few More Details and Ideas
I see this as a way for many talented students to stay connected with the school, with me and with each other. I think this is a much better alternative than everybody being spread out on different social media platforms, with a sort of “hit or miss” approach to staying connected to their Vedic astrology school and family.

I want to be clear about something. Relative to the forum, this doesn’t mean that I’m going to be spending enormous amounts of time answering any question anyone could come up with. Because that could get sort of out of hand. I will monitor questions and conversations. Most of what I will be delivering will be on the monthly calls.
Initially my only offering for the Inner Circle was going to be the monthly group Video classes. I decided to add the forum just as something extra, mainly for students to interact with each other.

So, that’s it. It’s simple.
For less than $25 a month, you get:
One group video conference call with me, to ask questions you have about your practice, and to stay connected to the school and each other.
An online forum, at the Vedic astrology center website, where you all can interact with each other if you like.

This is an invitation only offer, and it won’t be available very long.

Access to the conference calls from this year. These 2 hour calls are extremely valuable, with enormous amounts of practical advice shared, not only for students in the certification course, but those who are recent graduates, aspiring students, and who just could really benefit from a monthly shot in the arm.


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