Your Evolving Karmic Shadow




People say this all the time, “I’m just working on myself now”, in response to whether they are
in a relationship or stepping back from other aspects of life. But what does that even mean? If we are
to be precise, your “Self”, your true self, is not of this world at all. It has never been born it will never
die. It is not in a body. It does not have emotions. It is the transcendent awareness, beyond all
attributes of gender, etc.
When we claim to be “working on ourselves”, we are working on our incarnated identity in this
lifetime. You as a body/mind entity are in this world based on karma, (the actions you took in your
previous lifetimes) and the level of consciousness / awareness revealed by those actions.
In this lifetime, the two most distinguishing aspects of your karma do not have to do with your
childhood, your emotions, skills or talents, etc.
No, they have to do with two things primarily – #1, your species, #2 your gender.
These are by far the most prominent aspects of your identity in this lifetime.
You are a human.
You’re either a male or a female.

The planets and astrology, have all of the answers.
In this course, we connect astrology with the archetypes of modern psychology and relationship models.


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