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Testimonials from Students who took the course

Direct Messages from students – after day 2!,.. 

15:55:22     From Rosanna Tufts : O Deer! You were great, Elise
15:56:11     From Anita : Yeah you were indeed great Elise thanks.  It's really helpful to have your reflections and example combined with Sam's and the theory/techniques
15:56:15     From Teja Kinney : Deer Elise & Sam - This was wonderfully insightful. Especially using yourselves and your experiences as case studies. Thank you so much.
15:56:18     From Heather Love : Thank you both so much.  I really enjoy the ability to always go deeper into this material.  🙏🏼❤️
15:56:19     From Margarita Sanchez Carrillo : thank you so much for all the detail!
15:56:23     From Ally : Appreciate these teachings - thanks very much.
15:56:38     From Sylvia Barkovic : Thank you both so much for your generosity of sharing your knowledge, wisdom and personal examples.  This was engaging to watch, so enjoyable!
15:56:47     From Sueellen Strapp : Yes, Elise AND Same were good! Wonderful information and it will take me to well past next weekend for it to be even a tiny bit integrated
15:56:48     From Giya : Thank you very much! That was very clear.
15:56:55     From Gayathri : Excellent insights into the Moon !  Thank you so much Sam and Elise !! 🙏
15:56:59     From Bobette Thurber : What a great course. I learned so much. Thank you both.  Love your personal accounts. See you next weekend.
15:57:03     From Christina Linard : Thank you so much to you both! You SHOULD do this again ;)
15:57:07     From M M : wonderful information!
15:57:10     From Maliq Hines-Hakande : 🙏Gratitude
15:57:21     From CoVianna : Another awesome day! Thank you Sam and Elise. Interesting that Saturn return transit of Sam’s and Moon involvement from aspect being so intense. I have a similar Kemadruma Yoga and Moon Placement. I will research.
15:57:31     From Teja Kinney : lol! @ Christina - the “SHOULD” Mars theme was insightful
15:57:32     From Melanie Barclay : Excellent teachings—many thanks.
15:58:11     From Marian : Really appreciate you both and the dynamic between you sharing this amazing wisdom.
15:58:13     From Paula : That was great inside to the Moon. Thank you for sharing your knowledge .

Anchored in the Heart?

Everything in life is an emotional experience.

But emotions are how your ego interprets your feelings and the pure love in your heart.

This entire process is felt and cognized through the Moon. This process – and the specifics of “How and Why You Feel the way You Do” will be the focus of this Course.

You will learn:

🙏🏽 Emotion To Devotion – Why are you stuck in the same emotional patterns, and how can you break free and release it all. 

😍 Moon Yogas Analysis – The capacity to receive, feel and integrate is central to emotional growth – analyzing that process is key. 

👺 Sade Sati – Saturn’s transit in the sky over the moon is very important to analyze. But too often it is just a source of fear and confusion. Learn how to do this correctly. 

🌟 Moon Nakshatra – The birth Moon Nakshatra show a special connection to how we are healing the heart and learning how to trust ourselves and again. 

🌗 Lunar Cycles and You – aligning with the cosmic calendar, not just the Gregorian dates is key. How the waxing and waning moon shows up. in your natal chart and daily in your life.

🏡 The Moon and Astrology Houses – Actions that connect you to the heart and reveal your path of devotion is important and shown mostly by the astrology houses.

☸️ The moon and Astrology Signs – The secret emotional environment and how it feels being you. How are you trying to integrate the Ego into your larger consciousness?

⏰ Timing of Karmas – Dasas and Transits show the timing and the effects you FEEL through the moon. It is hard to know whether the lessons are spiritual or emotional. Yes, they are different. 

💎 Do Readings for Others – You will learn to do reading.  yourself, based on these methods. Of course, you can charge for these readings, etc. So, you can definitely recoup the investment. 💎

A lot more – Including Aspects, Childhood, guilt, shame, innocence, ego dissolving, meditation, tantra, YogaWhy