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Get the Full Chart Reading Intensive Weekend that followed. In this course we put into practice all of the Swiss Army Knife Principles in Chart after Chart
Watch your predictions soar into the stratosphere! Act now and get a 50% discount.

This is your last chance to get 50% off on this special weekend course when we looked at chart after chart and put into practice the “Swiss Army Knife” principles.

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See these strategies and special “tools” illustrated in chart after chart.

You too will learn to open hidden passages, surgically dissect charts and cut away the unnecessary excess.  
Order Now and You’ll See These Principles Illustrated in Live Case Studies ..
  • Evaluating Static & Dynamic Factors

    ~ Hierarchy of importance for character traits

    * Ruling planet dignity

    * Other house of ANY house ruler

    * Character Yogas ~ Hierarchy of importance for life potentials
* 3 Karakas
* Dignities
* Special planets for each ascendant and different areas of life
    ~ Hierarchy of importance in timing / karmas ripening

    * Dasas or transits? What is happening

    * Special dasa moments that make things happen

  • Planets, Sign, Houses, Nakshatras, Harmonic Charts
 ~ Predictive Power and Evolution

    * Resolving (apparent) conflicting information.

    * Drilling down into Harmonic Charts – When and how

    * Parashari and Jaimini Factors (Atma karaka, bhava Padas)

    * How to see the difference between results and consciousness

    * The 4 possibilities with Karma – Getting, Not getting / Liking, not liking

  • Subtle Chart Analysis and Timing Factors
* Mahapurusha yogas
* Exchanges

    * Bhavat Bhavam compounding

    * Hemming
* Dasas

    * Exact degrees
* Many inside tricks that ONLY come from 15 years of full-time astrology practice – readings and classes. 
  • Live Analysis of All These Factors
    * Live case studies with the students in the course
    * Mindblowing examples of advanced, precise astrology methods
    * These Methods work over and over on all charts and you will see that
    * Seeing the subtleties of Karma and why we do do things against our own interests over and over.
    * A lot more.

A Lifetime of Advanced Vedic Astrology Study in Real Time Examples for a HUGE Discount

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