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Look over this bundle of classes. More than 60 hours of Training!
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$291.00 ONLY $72.75 – A lifetime of study!

More than 60 Hours of Class time – Guaranteed to bring wisdom and joy into your life – LIFETIME ACCESS 

Astrology Beyond Fear and Worry

A Perfect Addition to your Course

I’m so glad you are joining us on these two weekends, to understand the lunar nodes. You will realize that they are not scary at all, in fact even though you may experience some restlessness at times, it is the restlessness which is a great catalyst for change in your life.


This bundle of courses will just Enhance and magnify that wisdom and understanding for you.


In the “Vedic astrology and managing crises” course we explore those difficult and confusing aspects of life, and put them in a larger context so you can move creatively through them. There is a focus on these difficult aspects, Saturn, the nodes, Mars and the difficult houses as well.


In the “Shadows blind spots and confusion” course we delve into similar themes covered in the “Rahu and Ketu” course, but it’s more broad, also including houses that are confusing and other issues. But of course, all of these are in a larger context so that you can understand these things creatively and shine light into those dark corners.


In the “Endless inspiration through Vedic astrology” course we take every planet, sign and house and show how any difficulty experienced in that area of life is also a source of endless inspiration for you. This one may be the most transformative of all three.


Of course, I also Guarantee that you will love this bundle of classes, or you will get your money back.


Also, even if you have gotten one or two of these classes before, it’s still worth it, because there were many bonus courses involved. Also, these classes are now being sold at their full price, $97, so you’re getting all three courses for less than the price of 1.


Each of these classes are more than 20 hours long, so the value is simply immense, Especially when you consider you have lifetime access to all of this teaching.

$291.00 ONLY $72.75 – A lifetime of study!

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Sam Geppi has been teaching Vedic astrology full-time since 2004. He is the author of 2 polar books on Vedic Astrology and runs the most successful and popular Vedic astrology school in the world.

I guarantee all of my classes, and I think all teachers should to be honest. So, rest assured. 

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