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Cosmic Finger Print - Sun moon and the Lunar Nodes

Two Master Classes that outline your “Cosmic Fingerprint”.

#1 – Vulnerability and Victory

  • Get Remarkable Insight Into Your Hidden Vulnerability and How You  Overcompensate For It.
  • Your Deepest Blindspots Revealed.
  • What and Why You Avoid Certain Areas of Life and Overdo Others.

“Years ago, I realized something very interesting. I discovered that the interplay between the sun and the moon, and the signs they rule (Leo and cancer), when measured from each sign, defined a core motivation from each ascendant that is very easily seen, but not easily duplicated in any other way.” “We can analyze ascending signs many ways, based on the ruling planet, the elements and many other things. But there is also a visceral, core motivation that is revealed when we analyze these 2 signs/houses from that sign. One says “I don’t know what to do about this” (Cancer), then the other says “Do this” (Leo). It is a default kind action/shadow play/overcompensation that I find fascinating and quite easy to grasp once you understand the Sun and Moon correctly.” 

#2 – Releasing the Serpent

  • Reconciling the False Choice Presented to You By the Nodes.
  • Obsessing Over One Thing and Negating Its Opposite.
  • Game-Changing Approach to the Astrology Houses and How They “Compound” with Great Force and Deeper Essence.
  • How to Reconcile all Planetary Oppositions and Those Internal “Tugs of War”. Bringing it Into the Light.
“This is a technique I developed years ago to advise people on how to reconcile the internal tug of war that comes from the nodal axis. A lot of what we’re trying to do with this axis is to overcome the false polarity and reconcile the obsessions of the north node with the disgust and withdrawal seen from the South node.” “In order to do this we need to find something that is common to both ends of the nodal axis. That common theme can be seen in a principle called “Bhavat Bhavam Compounding”. Bhavat Bhavam is the idea that We can count houses from each other to derive meaning.” 


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Sam Geppi has been teaching Vedic astrology full-time since 2004. He is the author of 2 polar books on Vedic Astrology and runs the most successful and popular Vedic astrology school in the world.