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Venus is the planet that comes after Jupiter, whereas Jupiter is very concerned with larger themes of the world, big abstract concepts that have us looking to expand all of the messy details of life. Venus brings us right back into those details. Venus rules the senses and the sense mind and the feeling of happiness. And, in many ways, Venus has what we all want. We spent most of our life pursuing Venus things. We all wake up in the morning and want to have good food and be around nice people and have enjoyable and pleasant experiences. This quality of life comes from Venus. She gives us the awareness that we can be happy. And, it’s really the joy of life that we’re all hoping to express.

So, our life on earth is really a very Venus experience. And in fact, it’s true, we are here to try to be happy. But, we must learn to be happy for no reason. This is the higher lesson of Venus. This is why Venus is exalted in the sign Pisces, because Pisces knows no boundaries, so when Venus is in Pisces, our happiness is not based on any external condition.

The debilitation point of Venus and Virgo shows where we place a lot of conditions on our happiness, because Virgo is the sign of details and certain conditions and criteria that must be met. Venus comes after Jupiter because Jupiter can be very disconnected from the earth, and people and trying to rise above all of the details of life on earth. So, Venus comes next and brings those high concepts into the world of the senses and pleasures and patience and shows where we can’t just rise above people and rise above our problems. We need to learn how to deal with them and manage them and accommodate everyone’s views. This is the higher quality of Venus. She accepts everyone’s views and points of view as valid.

Whereas Jupiter is judgmental and religious and may tend to say “this is the only right way”. Venus comes next and gives respect for all ways and all paths, whereas Jupiter is like the preacher on the pulpit telling us we will all go to hell unless we do the right thing. Venus would never do that. The evolutionary process of Venus is to transform our desire for sensual happiness and conditional happiness into the unconditional love, where we find beauty and respect in all things, rather than just in the things that make us happy for our self.

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