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    Hey! Happy to find the forum. I think on my tablet I had issues locating/working the forum in Level I and now level II I am on my laptop and here I am! What a relief.  I can be a bit tech challenged at times…:)

    Anyway, I do not know where to get information about size and feet of a sign.  I looked back through Level I materials and didn’t see any reference. Is there a reference I can study for how to understand feet and size?


    Thanks, Laura



    Hi Laura,

    I found these descriptions in the folder Module 2 Resources and Materials on my computer (I am pretty sure I kept the same name as was used on the level 1 course platform). The name of the file is “Module 2 Sutras-Indicators”.

    I made screen shots of the descriptions, but can’t upload the images here …

    Hope this helps somehow



    CoVianna Young
    Senior Moderator

    Hi Laura,

    If you have Sadasiva’s book “Yoga and Vedic Astrology – Sister Sciences of spiritual Healing” in Chapter 6 The Rasis and the Signs of the Zodiac, you will find on page 151 is a Figure 6.2 chart summarising those attributes. Also the descriptions are found under the heading ” Astrology Sign Attribute Chart” pages 150 to 156.

    I hope this helps you.

    CoVianna Level 1 Forum Moderator and Instructor



    Laura is there also a reason why you are looking for this specifically?
    I also did a special class on that attribute,.. in this course.
    Give yourself some “Happy Feet”



    Thank you Daniel, I will look that up.

    Thank you CoVianna, I loaned that book out unfortunately! I do not think I will see it anytime soon 🙂

    Sadasiva I was looking for it because it was referenced in the template and because it just struck a chord in my gut.  It seems like a necessary awareness to have…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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