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Tara Bala homework 1:
Born 2 June 2006 5:06 am on Friday Venus’s day
Asc: Taurus Earth sign ruled by Venus
Asc Nakshatra: Rohini ruled by Venus
Moon Rashi (28 degrees): Cancer (3rd house) ruled by the Moon
Moon Nakshatra: Ashlesha ruled by Mercury. Moon conjunct Mars (05:05) and Saturn (13:13) in Cancer
Tithi: Shukla Shashthi
This lady was born with her Moon in Ashlesha the “Entwiner”, ruled by Mercury. She has the capacity to manipulate situations and people to her ends. This is not necessarily a bad thing, in fact she could move mountains if she wanted to but as Mars in rendered inactive here in Cancer and in Ashlesha in particular, the motivation to achieve is dampened.
This capacity is undertaken by her no-nonsense, earthy rationalisation and problem-solving skills with situations and people which can be used to control and ease fear. Her fear or their fear, either way, she likes things to remain just so as a Taurean ascendant, stability and consistency is a necessity. Her deeply nurturing nature is so strong that the phrase “Mother hen” fits and this Cancerian need to nuture and control as a mother is very strong. It is a capacity that can be used for good or “other” means. She has a deeply psychic nature and lives quite a solitary existence as there is so much going -on with her own personal development and evolution, that the addition of other’s issues can lead to overwhelm in some cases and her ability to objectively see the simplicity of most people and their lives from a bird’s eye view, makes her easily bored. Highly intelligent, wise and loyal but also controlling, emotional, stressed and fearful, which is not helped by the presence of the cold stare of Saturn also in Cancer.
It is said that this is the Nakshatra of destiny and perhaps at some level, she is aware that her destiny is borne from her past karma and the need to control comes from a deep-seated fear of this karma and where it may take her in this life. Her Moon in her third house of self-will/ control and ego is at odds with what God’s grace will provide in the 9th house
Her Tithi is Shukla Shashthi and is situated in the first few degrees of the waxing Moon, which is still relatively weakened giving rise to that need to control in order to minimize fearfulness/ stress. It’s lorded by Venus which gives her a creative flair which she uses to express herself. The deity which rules her tithi is Kartikeyya or Mars. Kartikeyya is considered the son of Shiva and Parvathi, who was created to kill the Asuras and be the eternal protector of the Devas and other living beings. The Asuras were demigods who frequently warred against the Devas or gods. It may the case that she must fight her own demons. She is not afraid of conflict when it comes to guarding her loyalties whether that is her friends, family or opinions. However, the position of general of the army does not come without its downfalls in her domineering, controlling and aggressive personality. She is however, someone who one would want at their side particularly during hard times.
It is easy to see the tithi is how her character fundamentally is and the Nakshatra is how she operates in the World.

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