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Jeanette Altman

Hey CoVianna,

Here are my corrections to those drishti’s. Many thanks

SATURN gives pressure and responsibility
Saturn is in Aquarius which is in your 10th house, giving you feeling of more responsibility to your career that causes pressure.
Saturn in giving a 7th house relationship drishti (glance) aspect to your Saturn in your 4th house of this will give pressure in that house of emotional state, mother, feeling potential, peace, property, sensitivity, and inner life.
Saturn also gives a 3rd house (glance) interest and ego drishti to your 12th house, giving pressure to your ruling planet and Mercury and Venus. this will give pressure and responsibility to your subconscious, hidden nature, isolation and or losses through sorrow or peace. Liberation and hidden nature.

Transiting MARS bring courage and fighting spirit, fighting the good fight. This transit will be for at least 1.5 months.
Mars is sitting on your 2nd house with you births Jupiter there, bringing Mars energy to your values, self expression, income and security.
Mars give a relationship glance to your Moon in the 8th house. The house of sudden shock through transformation, vulnerability, lack of control, hidden side of life.
Mars gives a 4th house emotional state and home glance to Rahu in your 5th house of your creativity and the things you love.

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