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CoVianna Young
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Hi Susan Morgan!

Welcome back! Will I be seeing anymore recorded homeworks from you? I checked and realised that you are not on the 2022 Dropbox Access list of students, however, you are on the 2021 Dropbox list. You could try posting in that one and I would be happy to give you feedback. Here is feedback for your written homework on Hemingway’s Moon Yogas.

Susan Morgan: Hwk 6 – Moon Yogas Ernest Hemingway. You wrote “No planet rising after the moon through which he could process those experiences that drove him toward connection socially.” Not having a planet there would not drive him toward connection socially. Instead that would be the Venus acting as support from the 7th angle from the Moon.

You wrote: “Venus in the 2nd Angle 7th from the moon gave Venus energy to allow Hemingways emotions to be integrated through other people.” Remember that integration of emotions occurs in the 2nd house from the Moon. The angles act as support, which you did refer to in relation to Venus.

Well done Susan. I’m looking forward to seeing more homework.

Onwards and Upwards – CoVianna.

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