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CoVianna Young

Hi Franz,

As I mentioned, I appreciate you asking these questions and offering your thoughts on these questions.

You wrote: “The area right now where I am really confused is how to bring everything together, when to use the templates, and if my interpretations are accurate. Should I combine the Astrology Reading template with the Mini readings, Moon reading etc. I really feel like I am navigating in the dark when I am interpreting. Not really confident in where my interpretations are accurate or inaccurate. Probably getting over that awkward stage would be a great boost of confidence. ”

# Franz, the Mini reading for relationships and career can be used for short readings, though personally, I prefer that the client has already had a full chart reading before offering that. They can also be part of a larger reading incorporating discussion of the appropriate Harmonic chart ie: Firstly present the mini reading of the birth chart for eg: career, then move on to assess the D10 harmonic chart and discuss any harmony or in-congruencies with what the birth chart shows.

In regards to the Moon Yogas, as Sam teaches, are useful when you don’t have an accurate birth time and are great for assessing the emotional supports for the moon as a short reading. Or you may choose to add them into a general reading especially if you can see that to do so would really help that person to understand themselves better.

You wrote: “Some examples of Interpretations:
Ex. 1
I recently took the Rashis, Rulers and The Holistic Zodiac course, in the Manuals there is the Chart of King Charles the first thing I saw there was something that stood out was very literal. Saturn in the 2nd House in Magha Nakshatra. Saturn longevity and time, Leo Power, Magha Nakshatra King on the throne. How I interpreted it as: It will be a long time before Prince Charles takes the power and becomes King of England.”

# Yes thats a good interpretation.

You wrote: “Ex. 2 Rahu and Ketu are very interesting to me and most confusing. LOL.
In the homework chart Rahu in the 1st. Here is how I would interpret Rahu in the 1st.
Rahu is when your learning something new that is really interesting. Your going to make mistake and be confused by all the new concepts but gradually you start to improve. This is what Rahu is, this is the place where we want to gain experience and grow in this lifetime. Rahu is in your first house. Your going to want to do things on your own and work things out for yourself rather than doing things in groups and being in relationships. You are going to want to gravitate towards subjects like Meta physics, astrology, or mystical teachings. You might have interest in learning these subjects on your own or have your own spiritual practice which incorporates any of these fields.

No planets are with Rahu so, Rahu is going to act like the Lagan Lord in the first because Jupiter rules the 1st House of Pisces.
How was the above interpretation?”

# Yes. And remember that Rahu can be obsessive in that lust to experience. Rahu shows obsessions and imbalances based on action.

You wrote: About Ketu in the 7th. This is going to make relationships a little difficult because of a past life experience. When I see Ketu in Virgo, Ketu is very deep and he is critical. Ketu is about deep analysis because it is with the Moon and Sun. Ketu would want to get to the bottom of things.

If Ketu was a lone in the 7th, he would act like Mercury the 7th House Lord but Ketu is with the Sun and Moon. The Sun is at 6:42, Moon is at 15:05, and Ketu at 16:11. Ketu is closest to the Moon, does this mean Ketu will act like the Moon and not the house Lord Mercury?

# Yes. Remember though, that the Nodes will only act like the House Lord when there are NO planets in that house/sign. In the case you cited, that Moon is very close to Ketu in degrees and this really matters. In this chart you look at what house that Moon rules – as Ketu will have that flavour in its expression (5th house, creativity, children, romance, education, spiritual practices). AND Ketu will also act like the Sun, ruler of the 6th house which you described in detail in your homework.

You wrote: Saturn Debilitated in the 2nd House
11th and 12th Lord in the 2nd, Letting go of ambitions. My first impression was this person might be very quick to change when any difficulty arises in their duties and responsibilities. However thinking about Saturn its Tamasic and it protects us through fear and avoidance and lacks directional strength in the 2nd house, instead of making quick changes this person might feel stuck in their duties and responsibilities and not like to change even when problems arise until its already too late. This lack of change might be do to their family, monetary issues, or an incongruency with their values.

# Here is what I wrote in your hwk feedback “Saturn in Aries is not about being stuck, rather Saturn takes things slowly as you explained. So the environment of Aries (instant action, not thinking it through) creates a push/pull experience for Saturn, therefore he’s not at all comfortable in Aries and may act first, think later and regret doing so, especially when placed in the Nakshatra Ashwini where keeping the two horses in the same direction, matters.”

You wrote: Would a debilitated Saturn behave by changing quickly, would it behave more by being stuck or behave both ways? In what ways would a debilitated Saturn would behave?

# See the answer above AND Saturn is about keeping boundaries for the long term and also is compassionate through experiencing their own privations or seeing that in others. So debilitated, those boundaries may not be upheld and there can be a potential for cruelty and a capacity for being punishing. He is debilitated at 20 degrees so that is in the Nakshatra of Bharani – consequences of action. Food for thought Franz.

## I hope that this has helped you Franz. I asked for Lord Ganesha’s guidance to help you.

Onwards and Upwards – CoVianna

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