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CoVianna Young
Senior Moderator

Hello Dina,
I’m concerned to hear that you have experienced Covid and Covid-induced Bronchitis. Good to read that you are finally on the mend and hope that you do not experience long Covid.

My apologies for not giving you feedback sooner. I actually came down with Covid myself and have been totally focused on getting well and regaining my strength and energy levels that I had been working so diligently to gain. Luckily, I didn’t experience respiratory symptoms, however, I could feel it shutting down Mitochondria activity in my cells and messing with Vitamin D activation within the cells. With CFS it was a serious setback for me, however, I am fully recovered now.

Here is your feedback:
Dina Gower – Hwk 3 – Mini Career reading – Another great submission Dina, well done. Excellent synthesis of Saturn in Aries and I really liked your discussion and synthesis of the 10th house ruler Jupiter. You followed the Template, were clear and measured in tempo allowing the client to take in what you were telling them, and, the volume was perfect. You are so on track Dina. Keep up your excellent efforts.

Onwards and Upwards – CoVianna.

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