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CoVianna Young
Senior Moderator

Hi Franz,

Here is your recording feedback,

Francis Gurtlinger: Hwk 4 – Reading with Transits – I enjoyed hearing your confidence and really clear information presented in layman’s terms. With the Moon, I loved the description and the quote from John Lennon. That has been happening to me all weekend (ha ha).

With the Transits portion…ooops I guess you had a momentary distraction. That 9th house is a Trinal house and that 10th house is an Angular house. You gave really good explanations of the transit planets Saturn and Jupiter.

Remember to express the kind of aspects Saturn and Jupiter are making. Saturn is making a 3rd house aspect to put pressure on the ego etc. Mars gives out a 4th house aspect to deal with inner weakness. Because that transiting Mars is casting that 4th house glance to himself in the natal chart ie: Mars sitting in the 3rd house (Cancer) and is ruler of the 7th and twelfth houses, you could in this case also discuss Mars with the client (though not required in this assignment).

Once again great work Franz. I would like to give feedback for Homework recordings 2 and 3. Could you again repost them to the 2022 folder so I can access them?

Onwards and Upwards – CoVianna

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