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CoVianna Young
Senior Moderator

Hi Janel,

Yes I did see your re-recording of Hwk 2. Your Hwk 1 is in text form but no content. I will be really busy for a few days inputting to the Level 1 Forum about our current Australian Federal Elections – hours and hours of research and now hours inputting the 5 part study. I can revisit your new recordings after, so re-submit the format of the Hwk 1 as a recording.  I’ve not been given any instructions about still giving you feedback – I wasn’t sure what you were doing though. And Yes –  I am happy to give you feed back 🙂 .

Just be patient for a few days as this amount of focussed input for the Level 1 Forum takes a lot of brain energy for me to commit to and with chronic fatigue that will be all that I can manage and normal household activities will also be put on hold. Apologies, however, that’s the way it is for now with the CFS. I’m so looking forward to the completion of my Ketu MahaDasa in almost four years time. My D30 Harmonic is a doozy and I’m going through the most challenging sub periods at moment too ie: KetuRahuSaturn : D30 Ascendant is in Aquarius, with the first house containing Ketu, Rahu and now that 6th lord Moon also there in the first house, is being  activated by the tertiary dasa of Saturn. This full on intensity with that third level Dasa Lord Saturn lasts until 10th of July 2022.

You go girl! With that jumping back into your Level 2 studies and I wish you every success Janel.

Onwards and Upwards – CoVianna

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