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Judith Flick

Sept 4 1955  My sisters husband who has since passed (exact birthtime unknown)

Tara 1 Moon Uttara ruled by Saturn (movable)Janma Nakshatra is related to beginnings and appearance and personality….Graeme was given up for adoption and found out from his adoptive mother as a young boy, after he asked his mother if he was after hearing from a boy in his school was adopted.She told him he was but was never to tell his sister the truth as she too was adopted.Having to carry that secret all his life obviously weighed heavily on his mental state.When my sister met him they were both high school teachers,he had already been married once before and he told my sister he had no desire to find his birth mother as she had never tried to reconnect with him.I think he was almost 30yrs old when they married.He did not voice his feelings very often from what I saw and appeared a very private person.

Tara 4 Sun 17deg Purva Phalguni ruled by Venus (Fierce and severe)Kshema Nakshatra.Security Property home wellbeing peace.Graeme was an Industrial Arts Teacher and was always very talented in building things with his hands.I remember he built a wooden row boat with great detail,but early on in their marriage he left school teaching and began working in education in a gaol teaching inmates in a town about an hours drive where they lived .He was always working it seemed, doing jobs for other people and around their home.

Tara3 Mars 11deg Magha ruleed by Ketu( Fierce and severe)Vipat Nakshatra.Frustration Competition  self will and ego.Mars here is combust.You could kind of sense with Graeme that as the saying goes… he had a monkey on his back.We all knew the adoption was a huge burden he did not want to address.I think he felt kind of committed to his parents who raised him which in some ways was more like a duty than anything else.After his passing we later found out from his sister there had been abuse from a random uncle or family friend to both he and his sister when they were children.Also during his late teens or early twenties he had been attacked and abused by a number of men in a public toilet.These terrible experiences he also carried.

Tara 6 Mercury 11 deg Hasta ruled by the moon(light and swift)Saadhana Nakshatra.Perfecting valuing overcoming challenges. As I have already mentioned Graeme was amazingly skillful in creating things with his hands which carried on to their middle son who went on to become an industrial arts teacher like his father  although he was only 8yrs when his father passed.At his funeral there were all these prison officers in uniform expressing how much he was loved and valued not only by the people that worked in the gaol but also many inmates he taught.

Tara 2 Jupiter 24 deg Ashlesha ruled by Mercury and Rahu 29 deg Jyestha ruled by Mercury (Sharp and dreadful)Sampat Nakshatra Enjoyment wealth and receptivity.After his passing and hearing from different peoplethat knew him he appeared to lead almost a double life .He was so closed emotionally to even my sister and other family members but to others maybe not so.So this is a hard one for me to analysis.He would threaten to my sister towards the end that he would drive his car under a truck on his way home from work.She lived with these contant threats but refused to get any medical intervention.He was also drinking a lot but there was never any physical threat towards the family it was all internalised.Rahu here is in gandanta in Jyestha which played out how he was stuck leading a secret life from his wife having affairs and heavy alcohol intoxication when he was not at work but often working on building projects in the garage late into the night.

Tara 4 Venus 18 deg Purva Phalguni ruled by Venus(Fierce and severe) Kshema Nakshatra Security property home wellbeing.Venus here is combust only 1 degree from the sun.Graeme and my sister had 3 beautiful healthy boys  over a period of about six years.But it was unbeknown to the rest of my family that Graeme had started having affairs and my sister when found out I think just hoped it would stop busy bringing up with three young children she never shared that information until after his passing.

Tara 9 23deg Saturn Vishaka ruled Jupiter (Soft and dreadful)Parama Mitra Nakshatra Best or Highest Here Saturn is exalted.Graeme threw his life into work and service and that is where he made his achievements.

Tara 7 Ketu 29 deg Mrigashira ruled by Mars (soft and tender)Vadha Nakshatra Separation ,loss unmet desires.Loss af never knowing his birth parents but unable to open up about his past .I have often wondered what his ascendant was and due to physical features body size etc I thought maybe he could have been a Aries ascendant which would put the moon in his 12th house and Ketu in his 2nd house .

In 1997 Graeme took his own life by hanging at age 41 and my sister made the grisly discovery in the garage when she had returned home from an evening work meeting.He was going through Venus dasa/Saturn antardasha.Venus Mercury Ketu Saturn and the Sun were sitting in Tara 1 Jamna that day.Also Mars Rahu were throwing a 7th house aspect by transit and his natal Mars throwing its 8th house aspect to his natal moon in Pisces…..all very sad.A year or so after his death my sister tracked down relatives from his birth lineage I think his mother had passed a few years earlier from memory but the other relatives said they would have all welcomed him with open arms .

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