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CoVianna Young
Senior Moderator

Hi Judith,

Here is more feedback for you.

Judith Flick – Hwk 5 Harmonics: Following the Template from the Manual would have made this clearer to understand why you came to your ratio conclusions. Bringing in the Nakshatra Padas made that assessment of ratios confusing to hear and they weren’t stated in a way that clearly supported your reasoning. Remember to use the 5 Rules stated in the Manual, keeping in mind that everything is extrapolated from the Rasi chart. Then apply the five rules to D9 and D10 respectively. So discuss Venus/7th house for D9 – not Saturn as well – as it’s the Karaka for Career, Duty. Discuss Saturn/10th House for D10 – not Venus as well – as it’s the Karaka for relationships. Check then if the Varga specific chart is harmonious or incongruent with what the Rasi chart shows. This will give insight to the homework task of assessing what she will put the most focus on….not what she will be better at. The Homework task did not require the Dasa assessment, though of course current dasa activation would be utilised when doing a reading for a client. Just a note that the Moon is not a Raj Yoga as it rules an angle house (7th) and sits in an angle house (10th).

Judith Flick – Hwk 6 Moon Yogas Ernest Hemingway: Yes this was an appropriate assessment of Hemingway’s Moon Yogas. It was a good thing that you included discussion on the Nodal Influences on the Moon and on Venus as they definitely count when joined a planet involved in the Moon Yogas.

Judith Flick – Hwk 7 Moon Yogas Clint Eastwood: This was a good discussion of the planets before the Moon, firstly as Karakas and then as House Rulers. Excellent that you also mentioned that 4th house Aspect from Mars to the Moon. A great in depth discussion of Mars in that angle support position too.

Keep up your consistent efforts Judith, your diligence has been a pleasure to engage with. I only give feedback for the recordings from students. The remainder of your homework is there for other Level 2 students to interact with each other. I just wish more students would take advantage of having feedback on their recordings.

Onwards and Upwards – CoVianna

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