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Judith Flick
My only child Phoebe was born on Friday 13th October underthe Vedic weekday (Vara) of Venus.
Her Tithi is Krishna Panchami the 20th day of the lunar month 5th day of the waning moon and co-incidently her father and I were both under the Sukla Panchami , 5th day of the waxing moon.I told her I’m going to call her my little Krishna now. Looking back I now see we were married on a Saturn Day under a Krishna Ashtami Tithi so yes the rest is history hah.And I once heard Sanjay Rath say do not get married during your birth month we married on the day in between our two birthdays.
Getting back to Krishna Panchami is ruled by the planet Jupiter division Purna meaning full abundant Krishna Panchami.natives.. can easily churn up their emotions so they need steadiness in relationships otherwise stress and worry can cause them problems. The ruling deity is Chandra and this tithi is healing and prosperous.It’s nature is also referred to as Lakshami Prada meaning wealth giver. 
Also according to  a book called Muhurta Chintamani,(Which I have not read)Krishana Panchami is also related to the Naga Deity who  rules serpents thus it is favourable for all actions of which the Nagas are responsible for secret knowledge and gaining wisdom,administering medicines,purging of poisons and surgery and the waters ,rivers, lakes, seas and wells and generally the guardians of treasure.This is some information I found when I was researching this tithi but I have no knowledge about the book except it comes from a  long family line of astrologers
Her moon exalted in  Rohini  Nakshatra in Taurus whose ruling deity is Prajapati ( Lord of Creator and Protector) ,This Nakshatra is symbolic of the chariot and the meaning  is described as ruddy cow, growing and red(which is related to the star Aldebaran representing the firery eye of the bull of Taurus constellation) ,fixed in Nature of Manusha (human)Race and ruling animal the Serpent.Her moon is at 15 degrees so it falls in the 2nd Pada ruled by Venus.
Phoebe is a big fan of highland cows and has visited places just to see them in the flesh. She also loves to wear red lipstick if she is doing herself up for something special and lucky for her she inherited the best lips for wearing lipstick off her father. And she got eyes like her mum.

Phoebe spent her early and school years in a small town by a river in an old house not far from the beach we had a lot of large Pythons snakes and water dragons that lived around our house and would often find themselves inside. We had a few Kelpie Dogs over those years and they could often sniff out their trails. I remember one night I found a 2 metre Python wrapped around the inside window frame right next to our toilet in the small laundry. So I shut the door and told Phoebe who was still quite young then and had gone to bed don’t go to the toilet at the moment I have to get the Python out the window.And she said mum I’ve just been to the toilet! Pythons can be so still often times we would not notice then straight away. Lucky I guess they shed their skins it was often a heads up one was around. Another time when I was about to take her to the airport as she often flew to Sydney to see her father I ran back into her room to get her jumper she had forgotten only to find a large Python slithering across her dressing table.It was so surreal That was just a few snake experiences we had,so the serpent energy was very strong while she was growing up.

She enjoyed her early school years but high school she struggled a little to fit in as she did not want to buck the rules and wag school or try alcohol or drugs like some old school friends did. She was not an A grade student but she had a couple of friends during her senior years of school and loved movie making, singing , learning the piano and art. In her senior school years she got selected to go to a nearby town to attend a singing workshop so we packed up the dogs and the car and rented a house for a week so she could attend. That was the best thing that finally brought her out of her shell to be around like minded students with a passion to sing and perform. Her Father had remarried then and she was not a huge fan of her stepmother who she had to regularly fly to Sydney to visit along with step siblings whom she cares for dearly. She use to come home and tell me how badly they where being disciplined it worried her back then because she knew they will be always be part of her life.
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