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CoVianna Young
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Hi Judith,

Here’s your feedback. Please stay safe and well during Sydney’s intense Covid Lockdown.

Judith Flick – Hwk 4 Transits Re-do: This was a great in-depth discussion of the Transits including aspects that Saturn and Jupiter cast, and how long the Transits last for all 4 Grahas. Remember to speak to “Saturn is putting pressure on…” and “Jupiter showing growth and optimism..” and “Nodes are currently bringing a lot of accelerated perceptions/confusion relative to their house transit over the chart”.

Also what was asked in the homework task was to “Try to do a 30 minute reading on that chart – using the Reading Template, integrating the Transits as well.”  Your 15 minute reading of the Transits section would extend the full chart reading (minus the MahaDasa cycle section) to about 30 minutes.

It would be a good idea to revisit that ‘Chart Reading Template’ pdf in class one. Keep up your great efforts Judith. I look forward to listening to your Harmonic Charts Homework 🙂 .

Onwards and Upwards – CoVianna

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