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CoVianna Young
Senior Moderator

Here is some more recorded homework feedback:

Daniel Turk – Hwk 5 Harmonics: Your assessment of the ratios using the the Rasi chart was well done, and as Sadasiva spoke to ‘as being above the other ones’. However, the homework task also required you to use the template on the D9 Harmonic and the D10 Harmonic for a deeper assessment and to help support any congruencies discussed for the Rasi chart. In other words, you do need to look at the D9 and D10 Harmonics to check for congruence with the ratio you have seen from your assessment of the Rasi chart. Is that D10 Harmonic congruent with your ratio assessment of 45% ? If yes, explain how that is so. Look at the D9 Harmonic – is it congruent with your ratio assessment of 25%? If yes, explain how that is so. And yes when doing a reading like this you do go on to assess the activated Dasas. However that was not required for this homework task – just the assessment utilising the Template for the D1, D9 and D10. I wish you every success with your readings Daniel, you have been so diligent with your studies.

Sebastian Urrea – Hwk 5 Harmonics: You’ve correctly assessed first, the ratios in the Rasi chart, as the Rasi chart is above all the other ones, and you kept to the Template of the 5 points. You spoke to the congruencies through out the 3 Harmonic charts to give weight to your chosen ratios. And it was good mentioning that Saturn aspect to the first house in the Rasi chart. Overall another excellent offering Sebastian. I can see you in the near future being very successful with your endeavours as a Jyotishi providing deep understanding to your clients.

Onwards and Upwards – CoVianna.



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