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CoVianna Young
Senior Moderator

Hi Sebastian,
Here is some more feedback,

Sebastian Urrea – Re-Do of Hwk 4 Sky Transits: Once again excellent synthesis Sebastian. I like that you discussed that Saturn aspect to the Ascendant to support your clear description of how the person expresses this lifetime. Also that you discussed that Venus Vipareet Raj Yoga of the 6th House Lord Venus in the 12th house, in order to extend that description.

Your Moon discussion was excellent and in depth. With the Lunar Nodes – just a subtle thing: It’s better to say”Rahu in the 5th house in the sign of Virgo” rather than “Rahu in the 5th house of Virgo”. Ditto for Ketu: rather than “Ketu in the the house of Pisces” it’s better to say “Ketu in the 11th house in the sign of Pisces”. Otherwise a good discussion.

It’s great that you stated the importance of the aspects from Jupiter, Saturn and Mars all onto the 10th House. Note that the Mars aspect to the 10th house is from an eight houses aspect, so the potential relates to transformation.

It was good to state the date of the Transits. Remember to refer to Saturn putting pressure on that 9th House by sky transit.

Great work Sebastian and your slower speed of delivery worked beautifully for the person hearing this reading. Your counselling capacity would be a valued and helpful quality that your clients’ receive – it is so rich and in depth.

Onwards and Upwards – CoVianna.

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