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CoVianna Young
Senior Moderator

Some more student feedback on Homework recordings.

Sebastian Urrea – Hwk 4 Sky Transits: Once again excellent synthesis Sebastian. I like that you discussed that Saturn aspect to the Ascendant to support your clear description of how the person expresses this lifetime.

Your counselling capacity would be a valued and helpful quality that your clients’ receive – it is so rich and in depth.

Alas, at 14minutes the recording quality declined  where key words and phrases were lost right to the end of the recording. So it was very disappointing not to be able to hear, with any sense of flow, the rest of this homework task which was so promising in the first half. Therefore I’m unable to give feedback for the latter half of the recording. Make sure (before submitting) that, when the time comes, your Certification Exam recorded reading doesn’t have this issue. Sadasiva deals with those by the way.

Note as well that the presentation is still too fast. This is especially important to address, because your readings are very rich with information for the client to take in all at once. A slower pace will facilitate them processing the information as the reading proceeds. Would you like to re-record this Sebastian? I suspect that you were reading from a written script that you can probably access easily.

Onwards and Upwards – CoVianna.


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