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Kyle Geminden

Ke 28:10 – Pisces Rev
Ma 16:47 – Aries Bha
Ve 19:28 – Aries Bha
Me 23:25 – Taurus Mrg
Ju 23:44 – Taurus Mrg
Su 5:07 – Gemini Mrg
Mo 12:37 – Cancer Pus
Sa 20:22 – Cancer Asl
Ra 28:10 – Virgo Cht

Planet – Baladi, Jagradadi, Deeptadi, Lajitadi

Sun – Infant, Dreaming, Peaceful, Delighted
Mercury – Adolescent, Dreaming, Delighted, Delighted
Jupiter – Adolescent, Sleeping, Depressed, Delighted

My Sun, Mercury and Jupiter, my ascendant lord, are the primary energies that I have desired to mature and awaken since childhood shown by the Baladi and Jagradadi Avasthas. Jupiter, up until recent years, has been the one that felt lacking which can be seen by the Depressed or Din Deeptadi Avastha due to its being in a neutral sign. They have been a source of joy and strength and been key to overcoming obstacles on my journey shown by their Delighted Lajitadi Avastha. The Delighted Lajitadi Avastha is due to both Mercury and the Sun being in friendly signs and all three planets are joined in the same Nakshatra of Mrigashira forming at least three notable yogas.

Mars – Youth, Awake, Content, Shy and Delighted
Venus – Old, Dreaming, Distressed, Shy and Hungry
Moon – Youth, Awake, Content, Hungry and Thirsty
Saturn – Adolescent, Sleeping, Scheming, Hungry, Thirsty and Delighted

Mars and the Moon are in their own signs and, for me, have been powerful and awakened energies. Mars’ shy and delighted Lajitadi Avasthas are due to its joining with Venus in the 5th house and the direct aspect from my Moon and Saturn conjunction. Moon’s hungry and thirsty Lajitadi Avastha is due to its being in a watery sign, joined with Saturn and the direct aspect from Mars. Venus’ energy, once awakened, started advancing quickly showing both the Old Baladi and Dreaming Jagradadi Avasthas. The Shy and Hungry Lajitadi Avasthas of Venus are due to its joining with Mars in the 5th house and receiving a direct aspect from the Moon and Saturn conjunction. Saturn energy has been another area where maturing and awakening has been needed. The Scheming Deeptadi Avastha of Saturn is due to it being in Cancer as it is a great enemy sign for it and a tendency for me to plan or scheme to avoid problems is shown by this. Saturn’s Hungry, Thirsty and Delighted Lajitadi Avasthas are due to it being in a watery sign and receiving a direct aspect from the Mars and Venus conjunction.

Rahu – Infant, Awake, Content, Delighted
Ketu – Infant, Awake, Content, Thirsty

Both Rahu and Ketu are energies that have needed maturing and, according to some texts, are in their own signs. Rahu is in Virgo and Ketu in Pisces which cause both to have the Awake Jagradadi and Content Deeptadi Avasthas. What Rahu influences has been areas of growth and success overall showing the Delighted Lajitadi Avastha. The areas Ketu influences have been more problematic as shown by the Thirsty Lajitadi Avastha but it has been evolving quickly due its Awake Jagradadi Avastha.

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