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Sarah Weisman

Avasthas Homework, Sarah W

Baladhi Avastha (maturity)

My Moon, my Atmakaraka, is Mrita, Dead, and I have always felt like an Old Soul.  Also, I am both very interested in how I feel, and unconcerned at the same time, as if it’s a comfortable energy that’s just there.

My Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn are Viddha, Old.  Jupiter and Saturn don’t surprise me as I’ve always felt at ease with both energies, even if they’re oppositional.  But, it does surprise me that my Jupiter is both Viddha and Distressed (see below).  Maybe it’s maturity helps lessen the Distress.  I am also surprised to see my Mars here,  as I think of it as a younger energy that I’m working out harder Karmic lessons with — along with my Mercury and Venus, both of which are Yuva, Young Adult, for me.

Lastly, my Sun, Rahu, and, Ketu are all Kumaara, Child Avastha.  My Nodes definitely feel like brand new territory to me (and I’m currently in Ketu Dasa).  My Sun is interesting.  As an Aquarius Ascendant who prefers solitude, I definitely resonate with a younger, more diffuse solar power.

Jagradadi Avastha (alertness based on natural rulerships)

Only my Sun, Mulatrikona in Leo, is Jaagrita (Awake).  My Sun is also in Magha Nakshatra and I contemplate and meditate on the more universal and spiritual meaning of the Sun a lot.  Maybe that explains why it’s my one Awake planet.

Most of my planets are Swapna (Dreaming; my Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Saturn, and Ketu).  Swapna means that they are half-awake, comfortable, with friends, and generally, not too challenged.  Although I am naturally a peaceful and disciplined person, I am surprised to have Mars and Ketu here.  Even though I have Ketu debilitated in my 4th House, perhaps I really should trust that I can relax even more!

Deeptadi (feelings based on the dignities of the planets)

Five of my planets are Khala (Mischievous, Scheming) — my Sun, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, and Rahu.  This doesn’t look good, but I think it’s a technical classification only.  My Sun may be in Leo, but it’s also poorly placed in my 7th House and combusts both Mars and Mercury.  My Rahu is debilitated in my 10th House and much more uncomfortable in a public house of pressure than my Ketu (so I understand why my Ketu is Saanta, Peaceful).

Three planets are Deena (Depressed) — my Moon, Mercury, and Venus.  I introvert their energies.

My Jupiter and Rahu are Kahudita (Distressed).  Rahu, I just discussed.  My Jupiter is both Retrograde and in an enemy sign (my Ascendant, Aquarius).  Yet, I’ve always felt quite good with my Jupiter energy and transits.  Jupiter also aspects Saturn, the Sun, and the Moin in my chart and I have a strong 9th House of Dharma, so maybe my Jupiter energy doesn’t feel as off coarse to me as my Rahu or my Mars energies.

Lajitadi (Aspects)

My Venus, in Cancer, is Trishita (Thirsty).  It is also in my 6th House.  Yet, I’m quite comfortable with the food life and I really enjoy art and beauty.  Unde the right circumstances, I’m also OK with hard work.  My Venus is Parivartana with my Moon — perhaps that helps.

My Sun is Garvitha (Proud) and Swastha (Comfortable).  I suppose — as long as I’m meditating on the higher spiritual nature of the Sun.

My Saturn is Mudita (Happy).  Saturn is my Ascendant ruler, it is in my 5th House of creativity and children.  And I love the irony of a happy Saturn.

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