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Kyle Geminden

This relationship reading is for my friends Mike and Mindy. They have been married for 16 years and have 4 children.

Mindy was born on 11/30/1981 at 3:18pm in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Ari – As 28:04 – 1st
Gem – Ra 29:32 – 3rd
Leo – Ma 28:57 – 5th
Vir – Sa 25:32 – 6th
Lib – Ju 07:08 – 7th
Sco – MeC 09:34 – 8th
Sco – Su 14:59 – 8th
Sag – Ke 29:32 – 9th
Cap – Mo 01:27 – 10th
Cap – Ve 0:21 – 10th

Mike was born on 12/3/1982 at 4:53pm in Albany, Oregon.
Tau -As – 24:51 – 1st
Gem – Ra 10:44 – 2nd
Gem – Mo 29:55 – 2nd
Lib – Sa – 06:51 – 6th
Sco – Ju 01:45 – 7th
Sco – Su 17:55 – 7th
Sco – VeC 25:19 – 7th
Sco – MeC 25:49 – 7th
Sag – Ke 10:44 – 8th
Cap – Ma 01:33 – 9th

Assessment of Mindy

Mindy’s Moon is in feminine Capricorn and her visible planets are in 3 feminine signs and in 2 masculine signs. This shows a mind and an overall tendency towards receptivity.

Her 1st house ruler Mars being in the 5th house in Leo shows her identity with romance, marriage and children.

Her Moon, 4th house ruler, and Venus, 7th house ruler, are in her 10th house showing her purpose, duties and responsibilities revolving around her marriage, family, motherhood, home and relationships.

Jupiter the indicator of the husband is in her 7th house showing the desire for marriage.

Assessment of Mike

Mike’s Moon is in masculine Gemini showing a mind towards being assertive. His visible planets are in 2 masculine and 2 feminine signs showing his ability to be both receptive and assertive.

Gemini is also his 2nd house and his Moon is joined Rahu which brings some difficulties but also shows his expansiveness and focus towards family and friends.

His 1st house ruler Venus is in his 7th house in Scorpio along with Jupiter, Sun, Venus and Mercury showing his identity with and the strong role relationships and marriage play in his life but it also shows tension or stress with them.


Their nodes are in the same signs and Mike’s Moon is almost directly over her Rahu providing karmic glue.

They both have the cruel 4th tithi of Chaturthi however his is a bright moon and hers is a dark moon. That along with her moon being in Capricorn and Saturn being in Virgo shows her tendencies toward worry and anxiety but yet having a more practical and devotional mind while Mikes being in Gemini with Rahu shows his tendency towards being intelligent, playful, hopeful, scattered and not thinking of the details. This really has helped to balance them both mentally and emotionally. Her Jupiter is also aspecting his moon which helps to bring grace, meaning and purpose and lessen the confusion from his Rahu influence.

His Mars is exalted and directly over her Moon and Venus showing strong passion between them and Mars is also her Lagna Lord furthering this connection. It also shows him being a source of strength, courage and protection for her. Her Mars is aspecting his 7th house, where his Venus is posited, bringing strength, courage and further passion to their relationship.

His Saturn is in her 7th house and her Saturn is aspecting his 7th house bringing service, focus, seriousness, and commitment into their relationship from both of them. HIs Saturn is also exalted showing his natural abilities with leadership and relating with people and it also shows the strong passion with his wife and that it’s also at a deeper esoteric level.

They both have the Sun and Mercury in Scorpio and his Venus and Jupiter are there as well. The Sun shows they share a similar vision and purpose and Mercury shows their ability to communicate and be flexible with each other. Both of their Mercuries are combust showing occasional difficulties with communication. Mike’s Venus is also combust and with Jupiter can bring feelings of being disrespected and possible unrealistic standards however his Venus brings love and devotion and a desire to have harmony and beauty in their marriage and his Jupiter brings in purpose, direction and hope.

Her 7th house is his 6th while his 7th is her 8th. While this interaction shows difficulties in their relationship it also shows their shared tendency towards service, spirituality and the hidden things of life and that the difficulties transform them and their relationship ultimately. There’s also interaction with their 9th and 7th houses showing their relationship is a source of and fulfillment for higher meaning and purpose.


They have 2 blemishes of Vedha and Rajju. Rajju is partially cancelled as they have Graha Maitram and Tara.

Mike is on the left and Mindy is on the right.

Nadi: Windy, Watery                            8 pts
Bhava: 8, 6                                             0 pts
Gana: Deva, Manusha                         6 pts
Graha Maitram: Mercury, Saturn  4 pts
Yoni: Female Cat, Male Mongoose   2 pts
Tara: Sadhaka, Pratyak                       1.5 pts
Vasya: Human, Quadraped                1 pts
Varna: Sudra, Vaisya                           0 pts

Total: 22.5


While they have 2 Kuta blemishes there is also a substantial amount of glue holding them together. They definitely have difficulties that crop up from time to time but their love for each other and tendencies towards selflessness, service and a desire for higher things has been key for their relationship and for it growing and expanding over time. They clearly seem to be a good match overall.

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