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Back to course

I wanted to add to the above for Iain as I continue to research avasthas this weekend.  I failed to mention Iain is in a Rahu Mercury dasa. His Mercury has Mudita being with Jupiter and Kshobhitta being with Rahu. His Rahu is direct in his 10th house.  He is doing incredibly well in his work life and making more money than he has historically.

His moon is yuti mars (Kshudita) During the years of his moon dasa he did have financial difficulties, physical decline in strength, and trouble with relatives.

Mercury owns his 11th and 2nd houses. I would say as a sub cycle to his Rahu main period Rahu being in such a powerful position is dominating the energies of his life.  He has risen to the top of his field.  Even here in a tertiary cycle of the moon he is still risen in reputation (11). His relatives have not been up as an issue, nor has he lost physical vitality.

As usual the mix of things in a chart it is never cut and dried.  But I am seeing some results from studying the avasthas.

I looked at David Bowie’s avastha’s and it looked miserable.  I think with more exposure and seeing how it really  manifests for people it will be easier to apply.

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