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I have been researching different people’s avasthas to get a handle on the practical application. I don’t have a program that runs these but it was easy enough to use the handouts and compile the data. I did myself, my husbands (above), my sons, my mother, Paul Newman, Jeff Bezos and Vivekananda.

I was a bit depressed after looking at my families data. I felt a bit better after looking at Swami Vivekananda’s Jagraad adi avassthas and seeing Swapna except one Jagrata 😉 He also had Putra Bhava Lajittadi & kshudita

Jeff Bezos has 3 Swapna, 3 Jagrata, Putra, Mudita, Kshudita and Kshobit.  So all is not lost LOL

Paul Newman has 2 Susupti, 2 Swapna, 3 jagrata. He also has a proud Saturn, and Kshudita

I find this fascinating and will continue to research various people this weekend.  I find it more relevant to look at people I know and my clients to try to really see how this plays out.

In all cases there was a mix of Deeptadi Avasthas.

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