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Chart Iain 6-5-1965 11:15 Glasgow, Scotland


Moon 7 Leo Kumara

Mars 25 Leo Mrita

Saturn 23 Aquarius Vridda

Mercury 13 Taurus Yuva

Jupiter 16 Taurus Yuva

Sun 21 Taurus Kumara

Venus 5 Gemini Baaladi

Iain has a general felt sense (Moon) of engagement with life. His moon as an adolescent shows up with his passion and zest for outdoor activity. When he was younger it was to the exclusion of all other things.  Very much like an adolescent. There was never a care for the future or a plan he just focused on his passions. His mother is very adolescent ss well. She has maintained ‘the hubris of youth’ only caring for what she knows, and adamant in her “truths”.

His mars being in the dead state one might think he was mature in his ability to channel this. It is hard to dissect the state since his Mars is in his first house with his moon.  But he likes to argue with people for fun.  He is one of those people that likes to poke people to get them going.  This could be construed as a dead mars. In relation to his brothers, he argues with them a lot and doesn’t like to have much to do with them. They are not very present in his life. You could say dead to him, they just annoy him and he rarely sees them.

Saturn in a Vridda state is Iain who is always cautious and worried the worst thing will happen.  Like old people that spend all their time worrying about getting sick and going to the doctors all the time.

Mercury and Jupiter in Yuva states is Iain who laughs readily, jokes a lot and is very witty.

The Sun in Kumara state would be Iain’s energetic presence always filled with vitality and ready for a project.

Venus as an infant would be his general lack of experience in relationship. He is very innocent and honest in his relationships, lacking any guile.  It is actually one of the things I really love about him.  He has no idea how to not be just who he is in relationships. People call it refreshing.


Saturn is awake, Jagrata. One could say Saturn is Iain’s most prominent consciousness.  He worries quite a lot, especially about the state of the world.

The Moon, Mars, Mercury & Venus are in friend’s rashis, Swapna, Dreaming. Iain is quite content in his relationships and activities.  He is very active in the world. His consciousness is dominated by many activities and he is very rajasic, always moving. He is not content to sit still.

Jupiter and the Sun are Susupti, sleeping in enemy signs.  Iain has historically had difficulty dealing with authority and suffered much in relation to his own authority in his youth.  He was very unconscious and showed no desire to be conscious of how to deal with authority in his younger years.


Iain’s Moon, Mars, Mercury and Venus are in Great Friend’s rashis, Mudita/delighted.  In his 50’s one could say he is basically very delighted with his life.  Adding Saturn in it’s own rashi being content one experiences a man who is happy doing his own thing and is delighted with how life is.

His Jupiter in the sign of an enemy I think could relate to his lifelong struggle with authority. He is still prickly about it, one could say he has a grudge but is finding his way finally.

Jupiter and Mercury are yuti the Sun, getting burnt causing distress. His feelings being purified by the Sun creates someone who has to learn how to communicate, it has been a theme, and someone that has to learn how to be generous of spirit. Both of these feeling states are areas he has to work on. And the moon is yuti mars, although mars is a temporal benefic, it still has given him an aggressive nature most of his life.


Jupiter is Kshobhit, shaken and agitated and Kshudita, hungy. As described earlier Jupiter has been in difficult dignity for Iain. He has been able to transform his relationship with his father and authorities over time but it still isn’t easy feelings.  There is a lot of responsibility now and work.

Saturn is in its own sign and aspected by the Moon, Mudita, delighted.  While one couldn’t really use delighted with Saturn, one can say Iain has grown into taking his responsibilities very seriously and he delights in them.

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