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I am assuming this is where the homework is to be posted. I am discussing my and my husbands charts.

I am asking for assistance to post the pictures of the charts.  I cannot get them in here by any known method to myself. I have pictures of the Kuta graph and the synastry chart but I do not understand the box that appears when you click the picture above to insert.  Thanks.

Iain and I have been together for over 30 years.  We met when we were 19 and 21. We married 9/14/1991 after living together for a number of years.  We have one son we had 12/23/2003

Laura 10.11.1967 11:59 pm Munich, Germany

Iain 6.5.65 10:55 Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Laura Asc 12 Cancer     Moon 12 Capricorn     Sun 24 Virgo     Mercury 19 Libra     Venus 11 Leo

Mars 28 Scorpio     Jupiter 5 Leo     Saturn 14 Pisces     Rahu 4 Aries     Ketu 4 Libra

Iain Asc 7 Leo     Moon 21 Leo    Sun 22 Taurus     Mercury 15 Taurus     Venus 6 Gemini     Mars Leo 26

Jupiter 16 Taurus     Saturn 23 Aquarius     Rahu 20 Taurus     Ketu 20 Scorpio

The balance of Laura’s planets are feminine (5). The balance of Iain’s are masculine (5).

Laura’s personal planets sun, moon & ascendant are female. Her capacity to be receptive is very pronounced. Her Feminine Capricorn Moon in the 7th house also makes her very motivated to be in relationships, and stay in relationships for long term. She has Kemadruma yoga making her moon in the 7th very important for deriving support from her relationship/partnerships.  Her karaka for relationships, Venus is in Leo a masculine sign, but it is in his 1st house with his moon and mars, creating a lot of connection, flow and fire.

The venus mars synastry creates very good sexual attraction and the moon venus connection creates good emotional flow.  She has helped Iain manage his aggressive nature, cooled him down.  And he has helped her establish roots and security. They would argue a lot in the beginning but there is enough passion and seriousness that the arguing would not be a dominant focus.  Leo energy is very devoted even if kingly and a bit self centered on both sides (He, asc, moon, mars- She Venus, Jupiter). It makes them both generous people.

Iain’s Ascendant, moon, mars are masculine (Leo), with the moon and mars in his first house creating in him a very masculine nature. His capacity to be in relationship, moon Leo, creates a very devoted,passionate partner. His venus in gemini did not make him very romantic.

The balance of Iain’s planets in Taurus, all aspecting his 4th house created someone very attached to home and family.

His ruler of his 7th is in the 7th in Aquarius. His partner was someone otherworldly/spiritual, completely outside of his known area, that he met when traveling. Saturn as the owner of his 7th house creates long term partnerships.

Iain’s caste is higher than Laura’s making this a good match.

Laura’s temperament is higher than Iain’s making this a good match.

Both people have Saturn as the lord of their 7th houses. Creating people serious about relationships.

His Jupiter aspects her sun by a wide aspect but it does create ease in their relationship.

His sun aspecting her mars creates more fire and attraction. His Jupiter, mercury and rahu also aspect her mars creating more desire, communication and karma.

Her jupiter and venus aspect his 7th house and saturn. This creates a lot of expansiveness and joy in the long term partnership.

Their combined kuta points of 23 make this a union worth recommending.

Most notably they have a 3 for Tara (Family, health, happiness) a 5 for Graha (mental affection) an 8 for Nadi Kuta and a 4 Rjju

The big glue is the Saturn as 7th lord in both charts making similar dispositions regarding relationships.  Neither expects a bed of roses.  Both are committed.

The mars/venus, moon/venus, moon/ascendant, jupiter/ascendant conjunctions are powerful attractors and make for a lot of fire and devotion  between the partners.

She is cancer rising, archetypal, movable feminine, he leo rising the archetypal movable masculine. They have very compatible natures as masculine and feminine energy compatibility.

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