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On Ernest Hemingway’s Chart

Assess the Moon Yogas and discuss how they show his nature.  (Identify each Moon Yoga, and then 3 sentences or less for each one)

Just talk about the Moon Yogas, not houses and signs, etc.


In Ernest Hemingway’s chart we can see that the Moon was waxing at the moment of his birth: it is in the 6th house from the Sun. This makes the Moon bright and a benefic in his chart. The brightness of the Moon, an indicator of our emotional, psychological nature, shows someone stable in their emotions – the change in emotions is not percieved as strongly as would be the case with a dark Moon, which has a stabilizing effect on Hemingway’s emotional identity (we indentify with our emotional/psychological perception of the life). The Moon is of course influenced by Rahu through conjuction, accelerating the emotional perception of Hemingway, making it more volatile than it would have been withtout the node joined.

Hemingway has one Moon Yoga in his chart and that is retrograde Saturn one sign before the Moon. The Moon represents our emotional processes, how we receive, feel and integrate our emotions. Planets that are one sign before the Moon condition us toward feeling and receptivity and act as a kind of buffer. This means that we expect from life to emotionally experience the things/qualities indicated by that planet. We tend to look for that kind of experiences in life. In Hemingway’s case that planet, as mentioned, is Saturn, which shows that he had a tendency to look for experiences that enabled him to feel serious, realistic, hard working and determined in succeeding. He would be interesed in old people, teachings, traditionals things and nature (he did write the famous and awarded short novel The Old Man and the Sea about an aging Cuban fisherman: old person + traditional activity involving nature). When Saturn kind of experience would not be there in his life or less prominent, he would feel restless.

Hemingway has one angular planet from the Moon, it’s Venus (the ruler of the 3rd house of communication, writing and the 10 house ruler of career) in the second angle. This shows psychological support from other people, especially women and other artists (a quick look at his bio shows for example the important support from poet Ezra Pound). Angular planets as seen from the Moon act as a kind of psychological structure aiding with our dealing with emotions.

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