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CoVianna Young
Senior Moderator

Hi Kyle,

Here is further feedback on your addition to Hemingway’s Moon Yogas Hwk 6: – Yes, excellent Kyle. Now you understand the deeper information gleaned that comes with seeing what is not there in the receiving, feeling and integrating capacity. Also for a person missing support who has no planets in angles from the Moon if they have a Kemadruma Yoga.

I have a friend with this and his Moon is placed in Krittika/Aries. Additionally his Mars casts, a close by degrees and  8th house, aspect to his Moon from Virgo. Also his father’s Mars sits exactly over his Moon. With this understanding through Vedic Astrology of the challenging emotional dynamics of a lifetime going on here, my friend was able to complete much karma here through 3 years of loving service as his father’s Carer. Which otherwise, because the relationship was so troublesome, could almost have been a case of murder. Instead jyotish shone a bright light onto the circumstance and with consistent guidance he made the best of the Karmas activated for him at the time.

Kyle Geminden – Hwk 5 Harmonics: – You gave great synthesis and clear narrative throughout. Although, how does the Moon, ruler of the 7th in the 10th house in the Rasi chart form a Raja Yoga?

This is consistently really good work, Kyle, that you are submitting.

Onwards and Upwards – CoVianna

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