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Sarah Weisman

Ok, ignore the above post. This is Tara Bala homework, summarizing the panchanga elements.

I’m tying it in.
Sarah Weisman
Vara and Tithi
I was born on Friday, ruled by Venus, and associated with Nanda, meaning Happiness. I was born on Shukla Saptami – the Waxing 7th Tithi. 7 is a Friendly day and associated with Bhadra, or Mercury, meaning Blessed. It is an auspicious, gentle Tithi.

Saptami is ruled by the god Indra the king of the Vedic gods, so it is also a day associated with much power. It is true that Indra is an early storm god and Saptami is also related to movement, but I don’t feel it as a violent energy, and I’ll explain more below.

With Venus, I prefer to feel happy and harmonious with my surroundings (who doesn’t?) and I’m very uncomfortable if things aren’t that way. I also bring a playful curiosity (Mercury) when things around me are feeling good.

My Moon is in Libra, Vishakha Nakshatra — seeking more Venus harmony. While my Tithi is Friendly, my Nakshatra has both a Soft and Dreadful quality to it. The Nakshatras relate to the motivations in my consciousness. I am soft in the sense that I am modest and spiritual by nature. I am dreadful in the sense that I have intense interest and thoughts, and if provoked, like a tiger, I can have a fierce temper!

Vishakha is also ruled by the god Indra (as well as Agni). Indra, again, is the ruler of the firmament and Vishakha is activated by Jupiter — these are otherworldly aspirations and philosophies and powerful gurus. Agni, the god of Fire, oversees sacrifice and encourages me to do the right thing, yet also has a connection to other worlds.

Both my Tithi and my Nakshatra are about power and motion. Yet, while Saptami is Movement and Indra can be fierce, Vishakha is symbolized by a potter’s wheel—circular, controlled movement around a disciplined and still center. In terms of my consciousness and intelligence, I feel direction and purist, not chaos.

My Sun is Mulatrikona in Leo and Magha Nakshatra. Magha is ruled by the Pitris, or divine ancestors, which, similarly to my Moon in Vishakha, is ruled by ancestral gods emphasizing lineage and power. The Sun and Leo, like Agni, emphasize fire. Magha is fierce and severe, yet the Sun is generous. Both Vishakha and Magha represent the rakshasa race and are independent and rebellious in nature. These Nakshatras sound very rough, but tempered in spirituality, Magha’s ultimate action is the body’s death and Vishakha’s ultimate action is the fruit of the harvest, or spiritual transformation— and, so, these Nakshatras work together for my spiritual growth.

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