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CoVianna Young
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More feedback for students’ submissions,

Apologies Diane, I didn’t realise that you had re-done your Clint Eastwood Homework. Here’s your feedback. Diane Robertson: Re-do of Moon Yogas Clint Eastwood Hwk 6 – A great assessment, Diane, very clear. Mentioning the signs Aries and Cancer as Cardinal signs though, was extraneous to the Moon Yogas method. As was the Mars aspect discussion (which was accurate, however, extra to the Moon Yogas method). Keep up your good work and now on to the written submissions which have Forum Headings for each 🙂 .

Janel Joseph: 3rd re-do of Mini- relationships reading Hwk 2 – Janel much improved though a little slip again saying that Venus is with Libra. It’s correctly said as ‘Venus is in the sign of Libra’. Remembering that Venus is in the environment of the Libra energy may help you to remember to be careful in regards to your wording so as not to cause confusion 🙂 Otherwise, good work.

Janel Joseph: 3rd re-do of Mini-Career reading Hwk 3 – Once again you confused when discussing Sun – you confused the listener: you say ‘it is in the 7th house with Virgo, Ketu and the Moon’. The sun is in  Virgo with Ketu and the Moon. You didn’t expand about Jupiter, the 10th House ruler being in Leo, the 6th house conjunct Mars, and how that will affect how the career will unfold. In future remember to discuss in that way. I appreciate you really giving this a go – keep up your efforts Janel and onto the next task 🙂 .

Onwards and Upwards – CoVianna.

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