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CoVianna Young
Senior Moderator

Hi Sarah,

Here is some feedback on your written Homework:

Sarah Weisman: Re-do of Ernest Hemingway Homework. Sarah, Re: – omitting the Nodes – when Rahu is with the Moon it can be very disruptive for the person in real time, and so we take that into account when assessing their outlook. However, we don’t take into account the Nodes neither before nor after, nor when in angles from the Moon.

Because we know Hemingway’s Ascendant, then in your discussion of Venus in the supportive angle, you can bring in the House Rulerships of Venus – 3rd and 10th Houses which are Upachaya Houses and the 3rd is a difficult house. This gives the clue about why Venus does’t work well for him, not Saturn before the Moon.

Re: – applying Moon Yogas to Harmonics. Yes, the Class Manual does say “These techniques can be applied to any chart because they are related to the Planets in absolute space” so, if you don’t have a birth time for example, or looking at a Western Chart, for example then Moon Yogas are very useful to assessing the person’s deep psychology. However, Sarah, Harmonic charts are a Mathematical Harmonic – not based on the Astronomy i.e.: planets in absolute space. So we don’t use D9, D10, etc. You used them to explain so much of his challenging nature, when the answers are to be found in Rahu with the Moon and the difficult house rulerships of Venus in his Moon Yoga 7th House support angle.

Good on you for making the effort with this and I hope that I have clarified some things for you and for the other students here 🙂 .

Onwards and Upwards – CoVianna

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