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CoVianna Young
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Hi all Level 2 students,

Re – Moon Yogas homework:

Just a reminder to all students:- please read the Homework tasks carefully and what is being asked for.

I’m now quoting parts of a Forum Post for Moon Yogas that Sadasiva made in Level 2 Certification 2015 so that you understand ๐Ÿ™‚ :-

“One of the things that I notice that can happen when we learn something new, (especially as we get more advanced and people know more things) is rather than actually learning EXACTLY what the new thing shows (which in this case is extremely powerful in knowing a person’s mental patterns and what stabilises them), we kind of learn it, than start adding what we are more comfortable with/ used to.

So, rather than getting the purity and simplicity of the “receive, feel, integrate” of the planets near the moon and the “stabilising” of those in angles – it gets diluted and Nakshatra of the planets gets talked about, signs and other things that are not so foundational to what exactly the planet before does, that is different than the planet joined, or after – or in an angle/AND which angle – how the planet in the fourth is different than the planet in the 7th.

Until you are really familiar with delineating these things, nakshatra and all of the other stuff sounds like it is diluting this REALLY powerful tool. This allows you to hone in on what is really driving someone psychologically…then, in fact, the NEXT most important factor is the Functional status of the planet and what it does as a house ruler…because then you will see the exact back story.

For instance, Mercury in an angle from the Moon will be important, whichever angle shows if the support comes from introspection (4th), partners (7th) or duties(10th).. Next, whatever houses Mercury rules shows how this happens – if he is dharma planet he may be associated with a teacher or a child – and the feelings (4th house), people (7th House) or duties (10th House) will be dharmic and holistic. If he rules cruel houses they will not, and also bring a disruption, but still be an anchor… so the person will try to anchor their mind on things that may be disruptive –and of course there is a mixture here, because the planets rule 2 houses.

So the issue is mixing in things that were not asked for….

Just because you are saying correct things, does not always mean that it is relevant in all situations..

Like asking someone for directions to specific place and they give you correct directions, but to other places that are close by, but not exactly the place you were asking for. ๐Ÿ™‚ .

So ponder this please! Sadasiva.” end quote.

Soย Diane and Sarah would you like to give this another try? Andย Sarah the homework on Hemingway was a written task not audio ๐Ÿ™‚ .

Onwards and Upwards – CoVianna

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