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CoVianna Young
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Hi Students,

More feedback 🙂 Students, remember to preface your reading with your name and which homework this is and then go in to the reading for the ‘client’.

Kyle Geminden: Hwk 2 Mini Relationships re-do – You kept to the Template and it was a pleasure to hear your new version. I liked that you reminded the client that they are the common factor to all their relationships and that this reading will offer possible improvements to help the client. You gave an excellent quick overview of the person and you brought a clear educative flow to the reading. A little more synthesis of the 7th house would have given a sense of completion to the reading, however, this was overall an excellent effort Kyle. It would be a good idea to slow the speaking pace (it’s ok to be nervous and fast initially). Slowing the pace will assist the client to have time to digest the concepts which may be new insights for them :-).

Danijel Turk: Hwk 2 Mini Relationships – You kept to the Template and gave a nice introduction with a clear explanation of the Karaka. I like how you opened up about Rahu on the Ascendant. Anyone with this placement would immediately feel resonance with what you said here (I have Rahu on my Asc), creating confidence in you as the Jyotishi. I also like that you acknowledge the client through out the reading. You brought a good synthesis overall. Remember though that Ketu is not learning to detach, rather that he is detached and this can be problematic within a relationship. An excellent submission Danijel. Hwk 3 Mini Career – You kept to the Template and once again gave a nice introduction and clear explanation of the Karakas, however also state that where the ruler of the 10th house goes also shows how our careers unfold. You gave a good quick overview of the client as it relates to their career. Excellent synthesis , particularly of Ruler Jupiter of the 10th House, although the reading finished abruptly there. I like that you mentioned the aspect of Jupiter to the Karaka Saturn sitting in the 2nd House. Another excellent submission Danijel :-).

Onwards and Upwards – CoVianna

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