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CoVianna Young
Senior Moderator

Hello dear students,

Here is some more feedback on submissions – in this case Hwk 4 Transits.

Sarah Weisman: Hwk 4 TransitsΒ – Firstly just a correction for you Sarah : Taurus is a Rajasic sign, not Tamasic πŸ™‚ An awesome reading none the less. Well done on doing theΒ full template reading and an interesting discussion on the Moon Yogas. Your explanations are delightfully clear and paced in a way that the client has time to take in these concepts and thus is educating them. I personally see this as an important task for we Jyotishis at this time.

Diane Robertson: Hwk 4 Transits – You kept to the Transit portion of the Template very well, firstly talking about the Transits and what they mean then applying the the transit effect to the Rasi chart very clearly, but didn’t do the whole reading including the transit analysis. Just a point:- you refer to the Transiting Planet as conjunct the Rasi planet – it is better to refer to it as the Transiting Plant directly over the natal planet ( and stating if it is by exact degree). I love the clarity you bring to the client of what the houses mean, the planets do, the aspects mean etc. educating them in the process πŸ™‚ Excellent work explaining the transit effect Diane.

Laura Hamilton: Hwk 4 Transits – You did the transit reading on yourself as per sadasiva’s instruction at the end of the video, however you neglected to scroll down below the video to read the current homework – whoops πŸ™‚ Laura, your self analysis was quite good and I liked that you brought in the Dasa discussion to your self analysis (which you could do as you know your current Mahadasa/AntaraDasa).

Onwards and Upwards – CoVianna

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