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It is being explained:

On the Chart “HW-mini” assess the ratio of priorities in her life between herself, career, and relationsihps .. what will she put the most focus on .. NOT what will she be better at.. remember they are different.

Try to arrive at a final ratio — where a balance between all 3 would be 33% for all Usually things will be skewed, Like in my case (because we looked at my chart).. maybe 45% myself, 35% career, 20% relationships..

You said:
Should we do Harmonic Charts 1 and that Homework?  And, if so, that Homework isn’t a reading based on a Template, but just us discussing what we think the ratio / analysis is?
>> YES..
I did not make a template, per see – because the variables are too possibly nuanced.

By the way, I also saw you were on the conference call yesterday. You could have asked me this on that call.

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