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CoVianna Young
Senior Moderator

Well Hello all you wonderful diligent students!

Here is the feed back on your recordings that have been submitted so far. For those of you still to submit recordings, please have a go at this exercise as it will stand you in good stead. I look forward to giving you feedback once submitted 🙂

Laura Hamilton: I’ve been unable to open your two audio files and will keep at figuring out why I can’t. I’m aware that you are working long hours on the frontline Laura – please stay safe and well.

Janel Joseph: You wrote: “I missed following the written words of the Template, which would have made it much more succinct. Let me know if I should redo the recording with the Chart provided.” Yes Janel, it would be good for you to go back and redo your readings following the Templates and Charts provided. Make sure that Hwk 2 (Mini Relationships Reading) and Hwk 3 (Mini Career Reading) use the second chart provided which appears in Class 2 Homework instructions. Also it would be wise for you to revise the House Rulers Class in Level 1 before you do your readings. I noticed you were referring to the Sign Ruler as being in it’s Sign along with the planet residing there, and then referred to that same Sign Ruler Planet as residing in another Sign (where it actually was in the chart). This creates a lot of confusion. I do appreciate that you put in the effort to do three readings 🙂 I look forward to hearing your second attempts.

Danijel Turk: Hwk 1 Great work and you kept to the Template very well. You wrote: “In my recording I am literally reading the chart interpretation written down…”. Daniel, it is quite ok to start in this way – you did very well, an excellent reading. I’m not sure how you got to the Moon Dasa reading as the Homework chart didn’t show the Dasa Information. So if you just chose the Moon in order to complete the Template reading by utilising some lateral thinking 🙂 your synthesis was very good. Also you talked about the current sky transits – well done.

Kyle Geminden: Hwk 1 Rasi Chart You mentioned placement of all the planets at the beginning. I liked your analysis of the Moon and your attention to the Vipareet Raj Yoga. Excellent work Kyle, you were confident and kept to the Template. Hwk 2 Mini Relationship Reading You spent time on the Ascendant description then the 7th house but didn’t follow the Template for Relationship reading so it ended up being a bit all the place. However, you made a good effort Kyle.

Diane Robertson: Hwk 1 Rasi Chart I agree with Sadasiva’s feedback – excellent Reading and you kept to the Template. Hwk 2 Mini Relationship Reading You demonstrated real confidence and used your own words, another excellent reading. It was a pleasure to listen to and you kept to the Template. Hwk 3 Mini Career Reading Once again clear and confident using your own words for synthesis which really informed the client and you kept to the Template. Another excellent reading Diane 🙂

Sarah Weisman: Hwk 1 Rasi Chart This was a lovely Reading that was clear and informative with an overtone of Wise Woman Wisdom whilst keeping to the Template. Hwk 2 Mini Relationship Reading A clear and precise Reading which really educated the client and you kept to the Template. Excellent work Sarah. Hwk 3 Mini Career Reading A strong, confident and clear reading using your own words and keeping to the Template including Aspects. Another excellent Reading. All three were a pleasure to listen to.


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