Reply To: Thoughts on doing readings? Need a little therapy. :)

Back to course

Janel Joseph

I just did my readings yesterday and noticed as I looked at everything again I missed following the written words of the template, which would have made it much more succinct.  Let me know if I should redo the recording with the chart provided or if it is ok I did it with another chart.  I am planning on doing the reading with my friend so I will definitely be doing it with the template!

After doing the reading I went back and looked at the Exalted, Debilitated so could use some work in this area too.  I found this info in The Ascendant (the contents page highlights this).  Please let me know if I missed anything significant in the reading.

When I did the reading where there were 3 plants Sun, Moon, and Ketu all in the 7th house Virgo, can you let me know the best way to talk through that interaction or how I did?

Thank you!!!!

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