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Leila Seel

1. Mars is 3rd in Planetary Cabinet = Commander – he competes to survive and defend

2.Mercury is 4th – introduces variety, curiosity and asks “How”?

3. Sun is sattvic and has capacity to Sacrifice, Mars is Tamasic and defends principles, fights for what’s right

4. Moon’s love is selfless and unconditional, Venus Love is more like sibling/lover and conditional

5. Saturn is Neutral, like an old person and has less gender charge.

6. Waning Moon gives feeling of decrease and loss.

7. Benefics give problems e.g. Mercury wants to help but may lack good judgement.

8.Malefics give strength to do what we dislike and to persevere through times of hardship/difficulty.

9. Kama Houses are 3rd, 7th and 11th.

10. 3 Gunas relate to houses 1-4 being Tamasic (relating to our Body), 5-8 are Rajasic (relating to other People) 9-12 Sattvic (relate to Universal principle)

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