Dhanishta – Very Rich, Very Swift

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The next Nakshatra is called Dhanishta which exists from 26:20 of Capricorn until 6:39 of Aquarius (equidistant between Capricorn and Aquarius). 

Dhanishta – Very Rich, Very Swift – Video


Deity: The 8 Vasus

Sign(s)/Degrees: 23:20 Capricorn – 6:39 Aquarius

Ruler: Mars

Symbol: Mridanga (drum)

Story: Dhanishta, literally, is related to wealth. Dhan means “wealth”. It is about wealth not just monetary wealth but our values systems and creating our self not just in worldly sense but in another worldly sense.

One thing to understand about this section of the zodiac is it is equidistant between Capricorn and Aquarius. It is ruled by the Gods called the 8 Vasus who are the creative forces of life like Sun, Moon, wind and stars. It is the creative alchemy of existence, this is what Dhanishta is about.

When you look at the zodiac as a Sacred Mandala of the chakras  and you have the Sun and Moon which rule Leo and Cancer, and then Mercury-ruled chakra Gemini and Virgo, Venus-ruled chakra and Libra, the Muladhara chakra is the two Saturn-ruled signs. And the two Saturn-ruled signs are Capricorn and Aquarius and this Nakshatra of Dhanishta bridges those two equally. It is right at the base of the spine where we have the Kundalini.  When you look at its sacred metaphysical state, Dhanishta is the Nakshatra where the Sushumna Nadi runs. The Ida and the Pingala Nadi are the right and the left nostril, the solar and lunar breath. The Sun and the Moon join and coil down to the base of the spine.

The central Nadi is called the Sushumna Nadi and when we harmonize right and left, then the energy enters Sushumna Nadi at the base of the spine and this is related to Dhanishta, the higher creativity.  The symbol is the drum of creation, Lord Shiva’s drum.

It is very powerful to see that it is not just the manifestation of worldly and outer wealth in Dhanishta but inner wealth. In fact that point where the energy starts to rise up to the Kundalini transforming the solid materiality of Earth into the kinetic energy of air, where the fire starts to move up to spine, the planetary ruler in the Vimshottari Dasha scheme is Mars. It is about that fire in the Earth. This is where Mars is at its highest exaltation degree.

It is where Capricorn becomes Aquarius, where that inner strength and commitment to emotional truth and perseverance and solitude becomes an outer expression. In Aquarius where Saturn expresses externally in the form of service and higher consciousness and thinking, this is where Dhanishta fits into the Nakshatra scheme and 8 Vasus, the creative forces, not only create wealth in our life but literally create the rebirth of our soul and this is where it is really starts to happen. Remember this is the section of the zodiac from Sagittarius to Pisces where the soul is becoming liberated. First we plant the seed, and then we nurture it. It creates a result then we need to adjust and harmonize that with others and with existence itself then we start to create a higher dimensions in Dhanishta.


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  1. You are so good sam, you are a great teacher and sharer of knowledge. thank you, and blessings to you.

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