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The last Nakshatra in Cancer is called Aslesha Nakshatra. It is from 16:40 until 29:59 of Cancer.  Aslesha - Entwiner,
Pushya shows the ultra-conservative and devotional nature of Cancer. It exists from 3:20 until 16:40 of Cancer. Pushya - Nourisher, Flower,
Punarvasu shows the transition from mutable Air to Cardinal Water, presided over by Jupiter, the God of the Sky (Indra). It
Ardra comes right in the middle of Gemini from 6:40 until 19:59. It is ruled by Rudra who is the
Mrigashira shows the transition of Fixed Earth into Mutable Air through the alchemy of fire as well as the longing,
Rohini shows the earthly, creative nature of Taurus. Rohini - Ruddy cow, Red, Growing - Video   Deity:Prajapati Sign(s)/Degrees:10:00 -
Krittika shows the Sun to be the transition point from Cardinal Fire to Fixed Earth in the spirit of purification,
The second Nakshatra is called Bharani. Bharani is in Aries and comes after Ashwini. Ashwini is from 0-13:19 and Bharani is
The first Nakshatra is Ashwini and it is at the very beginning of the sign, Aries. Ashwini literally means “the horsemen /
The Nakshatras are the Distant Stars in the Vedic astrological horoscope. There are 27 Nakshatras that exist to emulate the
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