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Aslesha – Entwiner, Embracer, Intimate Connection
The last Nakshatra in Cancer is called Aslesha Nakshatra. It is from 16:40 until 29:59 of Cancer.  Aslesha – Entwiner,
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Pushya – Nourisher, Flower, The Best
Pushya shows the ultra-conservative and devotional nature of Cancer. It exists from 3:20 until 16:40 of Cancer. Pushya – Nourisher, Flower,
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Punarvasu – Return of the Light
Punarvasu shows the transition from mutable Air to Cardinal Water, presided over by Jupiter, the God of the Sky (Indra). It
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Ardra – Moist
Ardra comes right in the middle of Gemini from 6:40 until 19:59. It is ruled by Rudra who is the
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Mrigashira – Deer/Antelope’s Head
Mrigashira shows the transition of Fixed Earth into Mutable Air through the alchemy of fire as well as the longing,
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Rohini – Ruddy cow, Red, Growing
Rohini shows the earthly, creative nature of Taurus. Rohini – Ruddy cow, Red, Growing – Video   Deity:Prajapati Sign(s)/Degrees:10:00 –
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Krittika – Razor/Cutter
Krittika shows the Sun to be the transition point from Cardinal Fire to Fixed Earth in the spirit of purification,
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Bharani – Bearing, Enduring/The Bearers
The second Nakshatra is called Bharani. Bharani is in Aries and comes after Ashwini. Ashwini is from 0-13:19 and Bharani is
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Ashwini – Power of the Horses, The Horsemen
The first Nakshatra is Ashwini and it is at the very beginning of the sign, Aries. Ashwini literally means “the horsemen /
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The Nakshatras (Distant Stars)
The Nakshatras are the Distant Stars in the Vedic astrological horoscope. There are 27 Nakshatras that exist to emulate the
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