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Mula shows the quality of Sagittarius that is courageous fierce and independent. Mula Nakshatra literally means root and it is
The last Nakshatra in this section of the zodiac is Jyeshtha which is from 16:40 to 29:59 Scorpio. Jyestha -
Anuradha shows the sensitive, intuitive side of Scorpio as well as their devoted and spiritual nature. It is from 3:20 of Scorpio
Vishaka is from 20:00 of Libra until 3:19 of Scorpio. This is where Libra becomes Scorpio and it is a
Svati Nakshatra is from 6:40 to 19:59 Libra. It is ruled by the God called Vayu, the god of the
Chitra shows the practical, creative and fiery dynamic of the Virgo/Libra juncture. It exists from 26:20 of Virgo to 6:39 of
Hasta is from 10:00 to 23:19 of Virgo. It is where all of that power of that kingdom which came
Uttara Phalguni is from 26:40 of Leo to 9:59 of Virgo. This is where Leo becomes Virgo. The kingdom takes
Purva Phalguni Nakshatra is from 13:20 to 26:39 of Leo. It is related to the god called Bagha, the god
Magha shows the love of family and tradition shown in Leo. Magha - Beneficient, Mighty - Video   Deity: Pitris
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