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Mula – Root, Commencement
Mula shows the quality of Sagittarius that is courageous fierce and independent. Mula Nakshatra literally means root and it is
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Jyestha – The Eldest
The last Nakshatra in this section of the zodiac is Jyeshtha which is from 16:40 to 29:59 Scorpio. Jyestha –
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Anuradha – Subsequent Success/Following Radha
Anuradha shows the sensitive, intuitive side of Scorpio as well as their devoted and spiritual nature. It is from 3:20 of Scorpio
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Vishaka – Branched, Forked Branches
Vishaka is from 20:00 of Libra until 3:19 of Scorpio. This is where Libra becomes Scorpio and it is a
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Svati – Independent, Sword
Svati Nakshatra is from 6:40 to 19:59 Libra. It is ruled by the God called Vayu, the god of the
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Chitra – Brilliant/Distinguished
Chitra shows the practical, creative and fiery dynamic of the Virgo/Libra juncture. It exists from 26:20 of Virgo to 6:39 of
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Hasta – Hand
Hasta is from 10:00 to 23:19 of Virgo. It is where all of that power of that kingdom which came
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Uttara Phalguni – Later Red One
Uttara Phalguni is from 26:40 of Leo to 9:59 of Virgo. This is where Leo becomes Virgo. The kingdom takes
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Purva Phalguni – Previous Red one
Purva Phalguni Nakshatra is from 13:20 to 26:39 of Leo. It is related to the god called Bagha, the god
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Magha – Beneficient, Mighty
Magha shows the love of family and tradition shown in Leo. Magha – Beneficient, Mighty – Video   Deity: Pitris
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