Study and Practice of Vijnana Bhairava Tantra

Tantra is perhaps the most misunderstood practice. It has nothing to do with sex, as many believe.
It is the path of surrender, acceptance.
Whereas Yoga is a masculine practice, Tantra is a feminine practice.
I began to practice and study the practices from the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra when I was 19, and I have been doing those meditations since. These Tantric methods form the basis of my daily meditation. It is said that the 112 methods in this text contain methods that can take any and every person to a state of “Samadhi” (communion with their soul nature).

In this class, I will read through the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra in English. Then I will go back to explain the simple yet profound wisdom being conveyed, as Bhairavi (The Goddess) asks some really good questions and Shiva has all the answers. My explanations will be a combination of my experience as a long-time practitioner, (since 1983) my immersion and initiation into the teachings from the Book of the Secrets (Osho/Rajneesh), and many other credible sources of Classical Tantra. I will be sharing these resources with you as well.

Then we will do some of the techniques. They are simple, but can seem hard to approach. You will see the “sense” behind them and why they work. I will walk you through some of the most profound techniques and will also share my experience with many of them, as I have practiced almost every method in the book.

I will also share my own experiences and ways I combine techniques and points of awareness, to remain present.

I am not a spiritual teacher or guru and have resisted teaching these things. But I have decided to teach this now because I see most people are really struggling to quiet their minds. They want to do it, but they do not know. Underneath it all, meditation is the only salvation you will ever have, and these Tantric methods are the most immediate. Since they are already in the culture, with teachers of differing levels of practice talking about these things, I decided to share my experiences with them – at this point close to 40 years of PRACTICE, not study.

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  1. Eternally fresh ancient wisdom!


    Connecting to this material was such a gift. Personally, it was a return to the delight I first had when meditation was new to me, several decades ago. We forget how fresh it is. We forget how accessible the divine. Sam unpacks 108 ancient statements, essentially holy one-liners, directives to experiencing the divine, many of which are moments of noticing that we can do between sessions of more serious practice. He points out how this set is designed to include everyone, no matter who you are or how you think or relate. And he tells the material while obviously delighting in it himself. For me this was one afternoon with a big cup of tea that nudged me back on path. Highly recommend.

  2. Thanks for helping me connect the dots


    This talk and explanation of the Vijnana Bhairava felt like putting on glasses after being nearsighted for years and not realizing why everything was so fuzzy. Super clarifying and a great relief. Thank you, Sam.

  3. This One! Deep Meditation


    Thank you! This is a great course for those who have been practicing meditation and want a deeper experience. I appreciated the introductory information to set the mind and then the practice time was very powerful. I understand the tugging that resists leaving the inner space. Thank you for this experience. I plan to revisit this one frequently.

  4. Great Information


    Thank you for the download/access to the Vijnana Bhairava text. I enjoyed reading along with Sam and his elucidation of key points. I have been curious about tantra teachings and Sam’s approach was informative, respectful and sincere.

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