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Shad Bala – Dig Bala

Apr 10,19

DIG BALA – This is the directional strength of a planet. Dig Bala (or reverse Dig) – When planets are …

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Shad Bala – Sthana Bala

Apr 8,19

STHANA BALA – This is the positional strength of a planet. Sthana Bala consists of five components: 1. The first …

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2019 Pisces Cycle

Apr 6,19

The new moon was in Pisces on Friday. This starts a 30 day cycle of Pisces energy, which has to …

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Full Moon in Virgo – Equinox – March 20, 2019

Mar 21,19

The equinox is a time when, based on the Earth’s orbit around the sun, the sun appears to cross the …

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Time to Get Your head in the Game – New Moon on March 6 2019

Mar 5,19

On March 6 we have a new moon in Aquarius, which begins a new 30 day cycle related to Aquarius …

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Sedona Yoga Festival

Feb 26,19

You can register here at this link. Use this code for an 11% discount  – GEPPI11 – On the weekend …

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Astronomy in Astrology – GeoCentrism | HelioCentrism | Ptolemaic Theory Overview

Feb 25,19

It’s hard to do astrology well if you are completely clueless about the astronomy. In ancient times, astrologers first learn …

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I am an astrologer, But I don’t believe in astrology

Feb 22,19

That’s right, I don’t believe in astrology, yet I’m an astrologer. This might seem odd to some people. How can …

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Time, Karma and the Cosmic Timepiece

Feb 20,19

What is time and how does it work? What is karma? These are the big question that astrology answers. Because …

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