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This is the most comprehensive course you will find on Yogas and Aspects

First, how can this course help you?

Yeah yeah Sam, another course, so what? 

No, this is different. Why, because you hear me talk about them all the time, yet even I have not dedicated an entire class just to teaching them!


Planets aspect each other, and those aspects form Yogas. It is the basis for everything else that follows!

“Vedic Astrology Aspects” Course Details 

In this course, I taught the hidden secrets in Brihat Parashara Hora Sastra that allow you to make amazing predictions and pull them from one of the most obvious parts of the astrology chart: Aspects.

I described:

➡️ The different types of aspects, Rasi Aspects and Planetary Aspects (Graha drishti), and how to apply each of them. It is important to know how they are calculated – and how that shows exactly how to use them. That includes both in the birth chart and in the sky.

➡️ Fixed Karma and Freewill / Fluid Karma These two main aspect types are very different and referred to fixed karma, as well as the karma’s we are working through.

I’ve been working with these techniques for years in my private practice, but I am just now teaching them to students like you – from all over the world. I have trained more than 300 level I graduates over the last couple of years in my certification program, and even they have not learned these methods – yet.

Impossible to Find  It is almost impossible to find authoritative, Scripture-based teachings on astrological aspects. In fact, I have not ever seen a course on this subject, at least not taught so comprehensively.

For example, In this course you will learn:

➡️ The different types of aspects, what they mean and when to use them
➡️ How to calculate Aspects, and how those calculations shows why they work the way they do
➡️ Applying Aspects in natal charts
➡️ Applying Aspects in transit to each other
➡️ Applying Aspects in transit to the natal chart
The relationship of Aspects to the dasa cycles and timing
The precise methods that show when the karma’s from Aspects ripen
Many, many case studies to affirm practically what is discussed in the abstract

🔥 HOT!! – One Way Aspects (remarkably I have never heard another astrologer discuss this, yet the effects are so obvious.
🔥 HOT!! –Aspects of the Nodes (For some reason many astrologers also really get this wrong).

Doing it Right Being able to analyze aspects correctly is hard to overstate. It is one of the most important tools in your arsenal when you do it right. But sadly, very few astrologers I know are able to interpret / distinguish between the interpretations between Rasi aspects and planetary aspects. I have also been reluctant to teach these things without proper research – Until now.

So often I am asked “how can you tell the difference between karma’s/tendencies that are hardwired, and those that we are working through”. I discovered the hidden connections between our fixed and fluid karma is by examining and researching planetary and Rasi aspects.

Passionate About This I feel really passionate about bringing this teaching out now, because for years I have wrestled with the real difference between these aspects. Also, I’m very passionate about being precise in measuring the effects of karma’s both through the dasa cycle and as the planets move through the sky and aspect positions in the natal chart.

You Will Learn and Must Know:

➡️ Fixed Karma and tendencies in the birth chart shown by the Rasi Aspects
➡️ Fluid Karma’s – we are working through in the birth chart shown by the Planetary Aspects
➡️ Fixed anger is seen and spread in our mind, and how that is different from the “process” of working through our anger.
➡️ Fixed fear is seen and spread in our mind, and how that is different from the “process” of working through our fear.

🔥 “One-way aspects” – and the planets exerting their full influence.
➡️ Anger to discipline – The hidden specifics behind Mars aspects – the difference between the 4th house aspect of Mars and the 8th House aspect of Mars
➡️ The Power of Determination – and the difference between the 3rd house and the 10th house Saturn aspects.

➡️ Sharing Grace – and the difference between the 5th house and the 9th house aspect of Jupiter.
🔥 Rahu Aspects – Yes or No? You must understand when, how and why the nodes cast aspects.
➡️ Birth Chart Factors and Aspects – How to see the truth of exactly how much impact the aspect has on your predictions.
🔥 Aspects by Transit – Using aspects by transit to make “dead-on” predictions.

Your “Vedic Astrology – Yogas and Aspects” Course Includes:
➡️ Aspects Overview – Types of Aspects, how and when to use them
➡️ Rashi Aspects in more depth
➡️ Rashi Aspects in practice – Fixed character traits of each planet
➡️ Planetary Aspects in more depth
➡️ Planetary Aspects in practice – Character development of each planet / one-way aspects
➡️ Aspects and Dasas – The timing of Karma’s influenced by Aspects
➡️ Aspects by transit – karmas ripening and being triggered.
➡️ Case Studies – See these principles activated in actual charts.
➡️ Each class is 1-1.5 hours long.


Price – was 147.00
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Pay once – Lifetime Access! 


You wont believe this Amazing Bonus!

Nakshatras and the  Zodiac

3 hours of Classes from the Nakshatra intensive weekend. This was taught in 2018, to my Certification students, our annual conclave.

These classes taught the necessary astronomy to understand the Zodiac – and also gave the basis for each Nakshatra connected to each Rashi. 

Learn the deeper secrets of your Nakshatras.

From the Course Overview:

I will start the weekend with an overview of the zodiac’s and the cosmological/astrological basis for the zodiac’s, as they relate to the sun and moon and earth. There are three main ways to calculate these zodiacal cycles and all three need to be understood. Then we will become immersed in the structure of the Nakshatra sequence, as it relates to the story of creation, life on earth and transcendence through form (Without this larger context it’s hard to grasp the full meaning of the Nakshatra’s as a whole). 

The Nakshatra connections to the astrology signs will be delved into. There is a beautiful and seamless integration between the energies of the Nakshatra’s and the corresponding astrology signs. Each Nakshatra will be described in great detail, including the myths and symbols, with case studies and real-life examples from attending students.


Aspects Course – Point by Point and Bonuses
Turn up the volume on this video as I go over the class, point by point.

Price – was 147.00
Only $56.00 – Limited

Pay once – Lifetime Access! 


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Sam Geppi has been teaching Vedic astrology full-time since 2004. He is the author of 2 polar books on Vedic Astrology and runs the most successful and popular Vedic astrology school in the world.

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