2020 Election Prediction – Trump or Biden

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2020 Election Prediction – Trump or Biden

It takes a lot longer to write these things out, but I have finally done it and formally written up my prediction for this election. Even though I have done many videos about it. I will say going in that no science or art of divination is 100% accurate, and I could certainly be mistaken. I have done my best and I offer this up so people can also see how I work and how I arrived at my opinion.

One more thing, I have turned off comments, because often they descend into political mud-slinging and not astrology.

Difficulty Predicting US Elections

US Elections are hard to predict because someone can get more votes, yet still lose. It makes it much more difficult. Other predictions are not so hard. For example, in sports, whoever gets the most points, wins. But in the US election, is it not just about who gets the most votes. Someone may get the most votes but lose the electoral college or lose it in the courts, etc.

2020 Election Prediction – Trump or Biden – VIDEO

Overall Election “Astrological Weather”

  • Saturn in Capricorn shows a desire for seriousness and sobriety, not “revolution” and unpredictability. I think this favors Biden over Trump (and is also why the Dems went with Biden and not Bernie Sanders). We also see 2 old men in their 70’s as our choices.
  • Rahu in Taurus shows an obsession with stability, shared values, and finding the solid Earth beneath our feet. We are also focused on peace and coming together. Biden’s unifying, not divisive message plays better and is more in keeping with the times.
  • Jupiter in Sagittarius shows we are looking for inspired teachings and guides, not controversial/revolutionary figures. We want to be uplifted. This could go either way, to favor Biden or Trump, at least to each of their supporters. But notice how “the direction of America” is on the ballot for both sides. No advantage here, possibly favoring Trump because of his “cult-like” status to his supporters. People will point to how Trump generates more “excitement” (almost bordering on worship). Yes, but a rabid, yet shrinking base is not going to necessarily win. other virtues of Jupiter, trust, admiration for higher virtues, universally might favor Biden more.

Candidate Charts:

(Natal Chart on Left, Election Day Transit on Right)

(Natal Chart on Left, Election Day Transit on Right)

Current Dasas: (Planetary Cycles)

Trump’s Jupiter/Saturn has been horrible. Jupiter is his retrograde 8th house lord and Saturn is his 6th and 7th lord in the 12th house. This dasa started at the beginning of 2019. Since then, he has been impeached, investigated, and beset by enemies (including past advisors, family, you name it). We have never seen the candidate of a party be so besieged. (Michael Cohen, John Bolton, John Kelly, James Mattis, His Niece, His Sister, Bob Woodward, Anthony Scaramucci, Miles Taylor).

He has not had any major legislative victories during this time, just victories over enemies (Mueller, Impeachment). He seems to have no direction except to feud with his enemies and stoke divisions. He has had to fight against “CoVid”, and is seen as losing the battle on that issue. Since Ju/Sa/Ma it has gotten even worse, with family members turning on him, (even dying) embarrassing disclosures about his taxes and secret recordings and he even contracted a deadly disease.

Ju/Sa/Ra began October 27 and could show a late surge, but eventually does not offer enough extra help to get him many more votes. Rahu in the ascendant of the D-10 could definitely support victory by deceit and treachery. His open calls to stop counting votes, to slow down mail delivery, to dismantle mail sorters, etc. are certainly geared toward voter suppression and treachery. He is looking for ways to not count the votes because he thinks it helps him. Also, he has openly talked about needing help in the courts to settle a “rigged” election. No one who thought they were going to win fairly would make such claims. We see this as the dasas of the 8th lord, the 6th lord (Saturn) and Rahu all collide.

Dasas for President Trump?
Trump won in 2016 in Mars/Rahu, which was a much stronger dasa for him. Activating numerous Raja Yogas in both the Rasi and the D-1o. Now, Jupiter/Saturn is not activating any such dasa strength. Jupiter is the retrograde 8th lord and Saturn is the 6th lord in the 12th house (and Sandhi, less than 1 degree). Neither is very strong of themselves in the D10 either. Trump’s Jupiter is DB in d10 and Saturn is in the 6th house. Although they do exchange, which can be powerful – AND Venus forms a Raja yoga in the 6th house with Saturn, as 8th lord in the 6th in the D10 – with Rahu in the Ascendant of D10. This very cruel configuration could show a victory but only after a bloody, vicious court battle (Jupiter/Saturn exchange in 6th in D10) – full of deception. It does show that he will fight to the death in order to win (or lose).

This very cruel configuration in his D10 also shows his prevailing business acumen for decades: shady deals, stiffing contractors, endless litigations and lawsuits, bad credit, etc. Everyone who has worked closely with him says the same thing: that he is dishonest, incompetent, egotistical. I am not saying it, almost everyone who has worked with him says it. Notice how he has almost ZERO endorsements from his past, co-workers, employees, etc.

Biden’s Jupiter/Rahu has been very good with a sudden rise. His Jupiter/Rahu began as soon as he was (suddenly) nominated in the Democratic primary. Out of nowhere (Rahu) he has risen to lead the party and “bridge” the next generation. Ju/Ra/Ju shows a lot of grace – as Jupiter is exalted in his 9th house in the natal chart. The Rahu subdasa does show confusing conspiracies and past family corruption with his son. (Jupiter is karaka of kids and 2nd lord of “family”). But there are no credible allegations of criminal wrongdoing (yet) and by comparison to Trump’s nepotism and the general discrediting of the sources of the disclosures (Giuliani, Bannon, conspiracy machine) it has not moved the needle much at all – except with Trump’s base, who are quite feverish over this and claiming a “conspiracy” etc.

Dasas for President Biden?
Biden’s Jupiter/Rahu is quite strong, as Jupiter is exalted in the Rasi chart, in the 9th house, and in its own sign in the D10, in Pisces – the 6th house (a little more complicated). This is also a Vipareet Raja Yoga in the D10 (6th lord in the 6th house), that is straightforward and showing someone who believes service in the career to be a high calling. Rahu in his 10th house in Leo (Rashi Chart) elevates his stature to that of a King. It also rules his lagna lord in the 12th house – changing his station in life. This could show him suddenly “disappearing” as well. So that Rahu, as ruling his lagna lord in the 12th house is complicated. It also shows where his power could be “stolen” (12th house) and where he is subject to deceit (and personally deceitful or confused as well at times). I have also interpreted this placement natally as his lack of “good boundaries”, especially with personal space and being affectionate and looking like “creepy Joe”.

In the D10, Rahu is in the first house, also conferring the power to his career. These dasa planets confer a victory, much more easily than in Trump’s chart. He could coast and have the victory be easier than expected (although with some confusion and struggle). Whereas Trump’s victory would come after battles and bloodletting. In fact, even Trump’s loss will come with battles and bloodletting. But Joe is up for the task and not prone to the nonsense surrounding it, as he has already shown to be pretty calm in the face of Trump’s bombast. (His Jupiter as 6th lord in the 6th house of Pisces in D10).

Major Transits Now and on Election Day:

Saturn oppositions to Trump’s natal Venus and Saturn (Mainly Venus, 10th lord and 3rd lord, in the 12th = Not good) Consequences (Saturn) felt in the career (Venus 10th lord) from the 12th house (lies/secrets/) where his incompetence/ chaotic nature is also coming back to haunt him (Woodward recordings, tax records, CoVid mismanagement, etc.) Saturn has been back and forth here almost all of 2020, since CoVid. The last time Saturn went through Capricorn is when Trump went bankrupt, in the early 90’s. Trump had also planned for Attorney general Bill Barr to spring an “October Surprise” about “Obamagate” that never happened (12th house secrets). Many of the tricks and smears he had planned has not worked.

Saturn oppositions to Biden’s Jupiter (Exalted 5th lord in 9th house = Better) Saturn focuses Biden’s exalted 2nd and 5th lord in the 9th house – elevating his everyman values (and even his speech/stuttering) to something that inspires others. We have seen the impact and benefit of this Saturn aspecting his natal Jupiter since the end of January. However, his family values and business dealings will also be stressed and pressured (Saturn opposition to 2nd lord). We can also see a “scandal” with his son as a painful theme behind the scenes. But overall, this has been a positive transit for him and his career this year, elevating him to being one step from the POTUS.

Rahu in Trump’s 10th house, over his Sun/Rahu, shows extreme ups and downs and erratic twists of fortune. Wild displays of prowess that his supporters love (such as appearing on the White House balcony after leaving the hospital with CoVid, etc.) but more moderate voters are turned off by this. However, it shows bombast and lying (and even treachery) to gain power. Also, holding massive rallies during a pandemic with no social distancing, putting people in danger, just to get attention, etc. This behavior does not seem to help his cause as he gets more and more agitated with everyone except his base.

Ketu in his 4th house, going over his DB Moon = Not Good. Mental and emotional instability with erratic behavior and outbursts – settling scores and attacking everyone, from respected doctors, to a virus, to his attorney general. Trump even contracted CoVid, a malefic lung malady (4th house/lung problems). His emotional volatility and anger are on full display and not helping him. The first debate comes to mind as an example of these furious emotions taking him further out of step with the country (except his followers). That debate happened when Ketu was exactly on his Moon, with the CoVid diagnosis shortly after.

Rahu in Biden’s 7th house and Ketu in his 1st house = Better for him. The Ketu transit is not very close to his ascendant, Sun, and Venus. He benefits from Trump’s erratic behavior. Biden is often accused of “hiding in the basement” (Ketu has to do with hiding). But this is ultimately beneficial for him as Trump seems to unravel, attacking doctors, normalcy, etc. By far the most important issue to voters is CoVid and getting the economy back on track. The family scandal, with his son, and past business disclosures are also shown by this Rahu transit through the 7th house. This is not a “fun” time for him. But overall, he is benefitting much more from this transit.

Mars Retrograde in Trump’s 8th house – not good. Serious health issues, erratic behavior, and crazy upheaval’s leading to unreliability. Constant angry outbursts at reporters, doctors, former cabinet officials, etc. does not help him as a weary nation (except his supporters) just want relief from it.

Mars Retrograde is aspecting Trump’s natal Jupiter and Mahadasa planet – casting doubt and undermining his leadership qualities. Mars is also Trump’s 3rd level Dasa planet until right before the election. So, as always, his supporters love this and may get even more fired up. But winning elections is about addition, not subtraction – and this polarizing behavior is not helpful overall. But it may help to “fire up” his base even more and turn out the vote.

Mars Retrograde in Biden’s 5th house is a much better transit in general, aspecting Biden’s Mars/Mercury in 12th could show delayed / confusing outcome or secrets coming out (like the Hunter Biden emails, etc). In general, this is much more favorable for Biden, with Mars going through his 5th house, not his 8th house. But again, we see the problem with his son (5th house is children) and that controversy. Overall though, the controversy has fallen flat to change much at all, but could move some voters. In general though, comparing Mars retrograde for Biden and Trump, it favors Biden much more and is not as destructive.

Moon in Taurus, Mrigashira – in Trump’s 10th house and Biden’s 7th house. The last 2 Moon transits have been VERY bad for Trump – and therefore helped Biden. In September this transit coincided with the Bob Woodward audio expose that proved Trump knew in February how deadly CoVid was, but told the public something else. This was very damaging. it has been used again Trump ever since.

In October, this transit coincided with Trump getting CoVid and also behaving very erratically (to everyone except his followers). Again, this has been a symbol of his failures to manage CoVid. His polling and approval numbers have tanked even worse than before since then.
Very bad for Trump & Very good for Biden

Mercury Retrograde Right Before the Election
This might affect Joe Biden more because it started with Mercury right on his Natal Mars in the 12th house. This shows the confusion and secrets emerging about his family’s business. These disclosures are embarrassing for him, his family, etc. but they have also been shown to be deceitful and without proof of wrongdoing (yet) from Biden. However, it does undermine his credibility as being “honest” all the time. He is a politician with a family cashing in as they all do. The scandal lumps Biden in with all corrupt politicians. Yet, considering his adversary, and their family business, it hardly seems to matter to anyone except Trump’s base. Though some “Soft” Biden voters might be swayed by such things.

To many it also just makes Trump/his messaging look out of touch, to be so obsessed over Hunter Biden while mocking people for wearing masks and treating the Pandemic in such a glib manner – especially after Trump contracted it himself! This Mercury retrograde is happening in Trump’s 3rd house of ego, gossip, and triviality. We can also see this as Trump’s endless, maskless rallies right before the election – very polarizing. As said, Trump was expecting an “October Surprise” about “Obamagate” that also fizzled, much like the Hunter Biden story failed to “take off” as hoped. Then Trump complains about Bill Barr, etc. No one except his base cares about these theatrics, and just cheer anything he says. Overall it has not helped (or hurt) either one of them. I think it just shows a lot of noise.

Also, weirdly, astrologers have made WAY TOO MUCH about Mercury retrograde / station the day before the election. In general, astrologers make way too much of Mercury retrograde.

If anything, the Mercury retrograde/station could be seen as all of this confusion about “what might happen on election day”, with the fear of Trump’s shenanigans. I think Mercury turning stationary/direct on election day shows that we could be moving forward with a clear outcome on election night or shortly thereafter.


His dasas and transits are much stronger (as I described) above and this is showing in the polling, the issues, and his alignment with the times, especially the “Rahu in Taurus” (focused more on stability) Remember people have already voted for Biden as VP. He is known and just as familiar as Trump. Attempts to scare people about Joe, by calling him a radical “socialist” have not worked. Saturn in Capricorn also shows this and that the country is looking for seriousness, maturity and stability. Biden is leagues better in most people’s eyes on this front. “Jupiter in Sagittarius” is also helping him by comparison to people who are looking for inspiration, leadership, and decency.


He is trying to claw back voters from his base and fire them up to close the gap. He hopes his fervent base shows up in overwhelming numbers again to confound expectations. It could happen, but things are different than 2016, when he had a very UNlikable opponent (who people did not show up for in large numbers in 3 key metro areas: Detroit, Philadelphia, Milwaukee/Madison) Also, yes, his base is “fired up” for him, but people are just as fired up AGAINST HIM now. We saw the same trend in 2018 mid-term elections. He seems to know this, that HIS PEOPLE are not enough. So he keeps playing the only card he has in the deck: fighting, bluster, deceit, accusations of cheating, voter suppression.

Astrologically, Trump’s greatest strength is the Vipareet Raja Yoga, his 6th lord (Saturn, his sub dasa planet) in the 12th which is what allows him to win even when he loses (over Hillary in 2016, his bankruptcies, Impeachment). Now his main strategy is trying to corrupt the process by saying the vote will be rigged, unprecedented messing with the Postal Service and dropboxes, threats of lawsuits. Trump will almost certainly claim victory, saying it was rigged, dispute the findings with a court challenge, etc. He has also already said many times that the “courts” will have to decide it. No one who thought they would get more votes would say such things.

I do not think he wins the electoral college fair and square and he will almost definitely lose the popular vote by more than he lost it in 2016 – maybe by 5-10 million votes.

This election prediction basically comes down to what wins out:
Biden’s strength or Trump’s dishonesty and scheming.

Other Non-Astrology Factors

  • Historian Alan Lichtman predicted the last 7 elections correctly based on several criteria and a historical model. If you are interested in learning more about politics and what predicts success it is very interesting to learn and read.
    His model favors Biden (He also correctly predicted Trump in 2016)
    Check out the article here.
  • Polling has been consistently in Biden’s favor for months. It has been totally stable since late spring when Biden formally became the nominee (Saturn stability). Trump has to come back in 5-10 states to have ANY chance, yet he has been behind almost all of them. Trump is fighting for his life in all of the battleground states and might even lose Texas!
  • Below are some graphs to illustrate. Yes, at this moment, 1-3 points does not seem like that much. But these leads have been steady for months and NOT MOVED. Trump has never lead in them. Of course, he could do it, but at some point, if someone has NEVER LEAD, it is hard to see where or how he suddenly gets the voters. One way is by suppressing the vote, slowing down the mail, removing drop boxes, and he is already doing this and it might work!

  • Below is a chart where the green numbers show home much he is behind (2 days before election day) and the red numbers show how much he is ahead. Notice he has to win all of the states through to the “270” line. Yet he is barely ahead in Iowa, Texas and Ohio. All of the light blue states he has been behind in for at least 1 month and most of them for 6 months or so. He is VERY far behind and has never been strong in most of those “blue” states.   
  • There is record voter turnout in this election, which always favors Democrats. That is why Trump and Republicans are trying to suppress the vote, defund Post office, go to court to force the states to stop counting votes, etc. These attempts to steal the election are already happening. So, it is not a matter of “will he attempt it”. He is already attempting it. The only question is “will it work?”
  • Many of the votes are already locked in because they have been mailed in. These votes were cast during this time when Trump was behind. So, even a late surge may not be reflected in the vote count. Again, Trump is actively trying to prevent all of these mail-in ballots to be counted. This is unprecedented, for a POTUS to try to meddle in an election this way.
  • Trump is watching the same polls as me and everyone else – that is why he is campaigning in the same states I am describing, states where he needs to win but where he is losing (ALL of these states: PA, FLA, GA, NC, MI, AZ, WI). I say this because many Trump supporters say “Oh, you believe the polls?”. Yes, I do and so does Trump, clearly. That is why he is in a panic and strategically trying to meddle in states that will be crucial in deciding the outcome.
  • Trump knows he is losing, that is why he keeps saying “it is rigged. If (when) I lose it will be because it is rigged”. No one would say the election is rigged and the votes are off if they thought they were going to win. (Because they would be saying THEIR victory was illegitimate). Instead, he is saying BIDEN’S victory is going to be illegitimate, so “stop counting votes ASAP” (or as soon as Trump is ahead).


Biden wins and could wrap it up on election night or (no later than) the following few days. On election night keep an eye on N. Carolina, Arizona, Georgia, Iowa, and/or Florida. If 2 or more of those states go to Biden, it could be all but over. He is leading in almost all of those states and has for months. 

Either way, I think it will be over by Friday, November 6 – when the Moon passes over Trump’s Saturn / Venus and Biden’s exalted Jupiter – and hits aspect/opposition with Saturn.  

But Trump will do everything possible to muck it up and declare fraud, etc. – but I do not think he prevails.  

Biden’s math is much better than Trump’s. If he wins Florida and Georgia and/or N. Carolina and/or Arizona, Trump’s math becomes almost impossible very quickly. (We could know most if not all of that on election night or early into the next morning). There are also other races where Biden is VERY competitive (mainly Ohio and Texas and Iowa). In every “Battleground” state, the ones mentioned above, and Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, Biden has been ahead by at least 5 points (and closer to 10 points) for months now.

This is clearly why Trump is doing everything he can to delay votes getting counted in PA and MI, so he can say it is rigged and cast doubt on it. But if on election night or the next few days afterward, these other states fall, the math will render all of that moot. Keep your eye on Texas. If Texas falls, it is game over. That is why Republican operatives (including the Governor) are doing everything they can to suppress the vote in Texas, like removing Ballot Boxes, trying to disqualify 127,000 votes in Democratic-leaning Texas county etc.

The most under-reported story in this election is how competitive Biden is in those other states. It is under-reported mainly because of the trauma of 2016 and everyone is expecting another “Oh no, here comes Trump again” scenario. The press is making it seem much more likely that Trump can make up 5-10 point deficits in 10 states (where Trump has NEVER led) than Biden can overcome a 2 point lead in states where has ALREADY BEEN AHEAD! (Texas, Iowa and Ohio)

Caution for Biden:
Rahu ruling Biden’s lagna lord in the 12th shows that he could lose/have it stolen (12th house) due to deception and trickery – and yes – perhaps he could also lose by an unexpected and unseen wave or Trump support coming in at the last minute.   

How Trump Wins – A Repeat of 2016?:
There are some who think Trump will do a repeat of 2016 and come roaring back in all of the states where he is behind, and draw an inside straight again in even more states. Trump and others think his rallies will fire up the base and get them to turn out in larger numbers. Maybe that is true and it will happen. Most astrological and (to me) non-astrological factors, indicate that is a real longshot. As said, his base is fired-up “for him” – but more people are fired up “against him”.

In 2016, Rahu/Mars dasa showed that pretty clearly, as we saw his rise to power during that time – leading to a shocking victory (Rahu/Mars). But now, in Jupiter/Saturn we see the opposite. Heavy, dire consequences, people turning on him, etc. I see it astrologically and reaffirmed by the events of the day. (all of the scandals and enemies of the last 2 years)

This is not 2016, where Trump represented a “throw the bums out” chance to disenfranchised voters – because people were sick of “the establishment”. He has a 4-year record now, and has lost many core constituencies/voter demographics with his divisive and offensive style – not to mention his handling of CoVid and other policies. This is why national polls and battleground state polls have been consistently WAY against him the entire election season.

Again, these are the consequences of Jupiter/Saturn – not the hopes and dreams of the Rahu/Mars dasa that bestowed an unlikely comeback on a rogue “outsider”.

His attempts to scare people about Biden, give him a nickname and smear him, etc. have also fallen pretty flat – with almost everyone except his base. His rallies are him attacking everyone, many have nothing to do with the issues people care about. It is all about him. So, if you love HIM, you are happy. But besides that, he is off message and not really convincing many that he is going to make things better in an America that is way more divided and literally “sick”. His vision is to advance a sort of “herd immunity” response to CoVid that is certainly attractive to some – as people are getting tired of CoVid. But in general, Trump has lost the trust of the people on this issue. He also wants to repeal healthcare and other issues that the people are not in line with. The appointment of the recent Supreme court nominee was also not popular with most moderates.

Sadly, I think the only way Trump wins this election is by some kind of deceit/intimidation that comes from a court decision. I do not think he has an honest path to victory. I do not think he can close the gap with voters by conducting rallies and attacking everyone. I also think he also believes he will lose by already saying the outcome is rigged. Again, no one would think an election they would win will be rigged.

At this point, even if he “wins”, I am afraid it will not be accepted due to the ALREADY EXISTENT OBSTRUCTION we have seen: defunding the Post office, picking up ballot boxes, stating for months that the election is “rigged” and now doing everything he can to make sure votes are not counted and that “His Court” decides the election, not the people and their votes.

In my view, if all of the votes are counted, Trump loses.

I think he knows this, thus his behavior for months is to obstruct and call into question the legitimacy of an election HE IS SUPPOSED TO ENSURE. Someone needs to tell him that he is President and it is HIS JOB to ensure a fair election. Of course, sadly, America is in a terrible place and even that is too much to expect.

89/11 Odds – Looks About Right

I agree with fivethirtyeight.com which has “89/11” odds favoring Biden (on Sunday, November 1). Of course, astrology backs this up, based on what I have outlined.

Here is the tracker on “fivethirtyeight”

Sad and Difficult Work

This is the hardest writing I have ever had to do. I hate writing things like this. I do not even like politics. I would have never thought I would have to write these things. But I have to tell the truth as best as I see it. We have one candidate who is saying “count all the votes” (Biden) and another candidate doing everything they can to stop people from voting and stop counting votes (Trump).

That we are witnessing a President actively trying to defraud the public of their right to a free and fair election is sickening to me. The fact that in spite of this, millions of Americans still vote for him is very sad to me.

May we all come together as brothers and sisters, as Americans, as citizens of the same world and reflections of the same consciousness – trying to live in peace and harmony with each other, nature and spirit – in freedom and happiness.

This is just a prediction for these election results. We have several twists and turns that occur after the election that might make things very interesting. Most notably, the eclipse season.

November 12, 2020
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