Yoga and Vedic Astrology

Yoga and Vedic astrology share a common language and common culture. In fact, the best remedies from Vedic astrology refer directly to the techniques of yoga: breathing exercises, postures and other meditation techniques. Vedic astrology and yoga

There’s also enormous crossover philosophically and conceptually between these two sciences. For example, the Chakras in yoga / tantra are the energizing factors in our astral body. The same energizing factors connect directly with the planets and their metaphysical/cosmic energy. Stated more simply, we feel the planets (and our karma is with them) to in our chakras, in our astral body. These deep, karmic grooves are held through lifetimes by the planets, then delivered to our mind through the agency of the chakras.

The great Indian text the Bhagavad-Gita describes the principles of yoga and along the way also includes references to planets, astrology, meditation and brings together many of the same karmic principles found in both yoga and Vedic astrology.

In addition, the same deities that are referred to in vedic astrology also pervade yoga and provide inspiration to our meditation. These deities are merely meant to empower our mind, allowing us to focus on uplifting symbols rather than our worldly problems.

All Vedic sciences interlock seamlessly with the others due to certain frameworks that underpin them. These will be discussed in greater detail later, but is important to understand at the outset.

Many of these frameworks exist under the rubrique of “Samkya philosophy”, one the 6 main schools of Indian thought. It is a dualist philosophy, which asserts life on earth is the interplay between spirit and form. It states that form originates from spirit. This was described in Chapter I as the Sun (pure spirit) and Moon (form and mind) create life on earth (beings where spirit and form are connected).

Samkya philosophy is the prevailing philosophy of Yoga and Hinduism. The word Yoga itself, means to “join” or “yoke” the spirit to the form – the body / mind to the consciousness. Most of the stories in the epics and Puranas are affirming this approach. The concepts of karma and dharma are also deeply entwined within Samkya philosophy.


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