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This is the first in a series of Free Tutorials I am making,..

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1. My Weekly Horoscope list will give a weekly update of the astrology weather and updates on the latest general Astrology videos: Subjects will include Timing using Vedic Astrology - Planetary Aspects - Spiritual Astrology - The Nodes - Psychological Astrology - Assessing Character in a Astrology 

2. My Stellar Relationships list is a 10 day course in relationships using Vedic / Yogic principles as shown by Astrology - masculine and feminine planets, signs and houses interact to weave the complex tapestry of the soul seeking completion in relationships. Videos will include the next one in this series on the Vedic Kuta points system (they use this to arrange marriages) - Assessing masculine strength in a chart - Assessing feminine strength, and other.  


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